Somebody Somewhere Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Somebody Somewhere‘ is a comedy-drama series that explores the themes of love, loss, self-acceptance, and healing. Created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, it follows a woman named Sam who grapples with the demise of her sister Holly. Moreover, she feels alienated after returning to her hometown after several years and hesitates to socialize and open up. But when Sam befriends Joel, she gets acquainted with a unique group of people who encourage her to resume her passion for singing. Soon, she gets the courage to accept herself and begins to find her place in the world.

Since its premiere, the show has received a lot of love for its feel-good narrative, the relatable depiction of small-town shenanigans, as well as the heartfelt performances of the cast members. The honesty of the characters adds to the charm of the show. Thus, everyone must be eager to know whether the lovable bunch of oddballs will return to the screens again. To satiate everyone’s curiosity, we have laid down everything you need to know about ‘Somebody Somewhere’ season 2!

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Release Date

‘Somebody Somewhere’ season 1 premiered on January 16, 2022, on HBO. It concluded on February 27, 2022, with a total of six episodes with a runtime of 24-30 minutes each. Now, here is what we can tell you about the sophomore season.

Fans would be thrilled to know that the network officially announced in February 2022 that the show has been renewed for a second season. Amy Gravitt, the Executive Vice President of HBO programming – Comedy Series, praised the cast and crew and stated that it was joyous to see how the magic they created on-screen touched the audience. She further shared the news of the renewal, saying, “We’re delighted to have Hannah and Paul remind us all where we come from in another season of ‘Somebody Somewhere.”

With the confirmation of season 2 being greenlit, there is a high possibility that it may go on floors soon. How long the fans have to wait for the next outing of the show depends upon the production schedule planned by the makers and the availability of the cast and crew. If everything falls into place, we can expect ‘Somebody Somewhere’ season 2 to arrive sometime in Q1 2023.

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Season 2 of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ shall see the return of Bridget Everett as the protagonist Sam, alongside Jeff Hiller as Sam’s co-worker and best friend, Joel. Mary Catherine Garrison is also expected to reprise the role of Sam’s sister Tricia, while Mike Hagerty will return as their father Ed Miller.

Other cast members who will most probably come back to reprise their respective characters are Murray Hill (Fred), Jane Drake Brody (Mary Jo), Jon Hudson Odom (Michael), Danny McCarthy (Rick), Heidi Johanningmeir (Charity), and Mercedes White (Tiffani). Apart from the aforementioned actors, the introduction of new characters may add some fresh faces to the cast members.

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the inaugural season, viewers are introduced to Sam, a middle-aged woman who has difficulties readjusting to her hometown after the death of her sister. Things are not so great for Same on the home front as well, due to a strained relationship with her other sister, Tricia, and mom, Mary Jo, who relapses into alcohol addiction. While having a hard time at work, Sam connects with her co-worker Joel, and they become best friends.

Joel introduces Sam to his “choir” group, which is like a community for those who feel like outsiders in society. Sam soon starts to open up in their warm and cheerful presence and gets motivated to deal with life’s woes head-on. Sam’s newfound confidence gets boosted further when she returns to her long-lost passion for singing and finds a sense of belonging with her friends. However, troubles increase when Mary Jo is sent to rehab and Sam’s father Ed struggles to manage finances.

On the other hand, Sam helps Tricia cope with the fact that the latter’s husband, Rick, is cheating on her with her business partner, Charity. As the season ends, the choir group falls into jeopardy due to the church’s eye on their activities. In addition, even after Sam and Tricia teach her a lesson, Charity returns to bother them. Meanwhile, Joel decides to follow his dreams and begins a serious relationship with Michael. Later, Sam takes charge of her life and motivates her friends as they all look for a new space for choir meetings.

Season 2 shall expand on the events of its predecessor and chronicle the challenges Sam and the choir group face while trying to relocate. Moreover, it shall delve into the aftermath of Rick’s unfaithfulness and depict how Tricia tackles Charity. Other story arcs that shall be explored include Mary Jo’s return from the rehab and how Ed deals with her, Joel and Michael’s plans for the future, and Sam’s new career after starting work on Fred’s farm. Lastly, it may also show the entry of new people into Sam’s life and how she copes with them.

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