Soulmates on AMC: The Complete Details

What has happened to the spiritual communion that is called ‘love’? When two parts of the same soul unite, miracles happen. And this is where the concept of soulmates comes in. But in this modern world, where people choose partners over dating apps, is such love even possible? Well, AMC’s anthology series might give you an answer — but not in the way you think. ‘Soulmates’ is set 15 years in the future where relationships are tested via technology. It tries to answer questions like: what would you do when your heart wants someone but science points you to another? What is the true definition of soulmates anyway?

Created by Emmy Award-winner Will Bridges (‘Stranger Things’, ‘Black Mirror’), and Brett Goldstein (‘Superbob’, ‘Adult Life Skills’), ‘Soulmates’ has created a buzz even before its premiere. Why? Check out for yourself!

Soulmates Season 1 Release Date:

‘Soulmates’ season 1 premieres on October 5, 2020, on AMC, at 10 pm ET. It consists of six, hour-long episodes. On a good note, the show, ahead of its first-season debut, has already been renewed for a second edition!

Soulmates Cast And Plot: Who is in it? What is it About?

Directed by Will Bridges, Rob Savage, Marco Kreuzpaintner, and Andrea Harkin, ‘Soulmates’ is a sci-fi drama, conceptualized in the anthology format. Therefore, each episode tells a different story and features a distinct cast. The common thread that connects all these episodes is that everything takes place 15 years into the future. In this era, science has discovered an advanced technology, which points out one’s soulmate. The tale then covers how this revelation impacts the characters’ relationships.

The star-studded cast for season 1 includes Malin Akerman, Charlie Heaton, Betsy Brandt, JJ Feild, Sarah Snook, David Costabile, and Sonya Cassidy, among others. Akerman essays the role of Martha in an episode. Martha has just recovered from a toxic relationship and is now dependent on technology and faith to restart her life. She approaches the Church as well since it helps people in connecting to their soulmates, who have already died.

Heaton enacts a kind-hearted man named Kurt, who finds out that his soulmate is dead and hence, finds solace in the Church. Joe Anderson plays Travis, a heartbroken man with repeated suicidal tendencies. Travis is separated from his family and now, seeks redemption and forgiveness. Steven Mackintosh stars as Brother Samson, who tries to imbibe love and hope among his followers.

In another episode, Brandt portrays a character called Caitlin, who discovers the identity of her soulmate. This is when Caitlyn finally gathers the courage to stand up for herself. Feild stars as Nathan, a man with a dark side. After Nathan meets his other half Caitlin, he decides to reveal his true self. On the other hand, Tom Goodman-Hill plays Doug, Caitlin’s devoted yet boring, unromantic boyfriend.

Soulmates Trailer

You can check out the trailer for season 1 below:

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