Will There Be a Southern Survival Season 2 On Netflix?

Netflix has added to its content of exciting reality shows with ‘Southern Survival’ which pushes people to the edge of their determination. Resourcefulness and awareness are the most critical factors as we see the crew testing survival and outdoor gear with extreme methods. From fireproof fabrics to escape ladders, ‘Southern Survival’ has a lot to offer. The first season is already well-loved by viewers who find some new takeaways and myth busters in the manner the team approaches situations. So, will there be a ‘Southern Survival’ Season 2?

Southern Survival Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Southern Survival’ Season 1 released all the episodes on Netflix on July 3, 2020. There is no official news about the renewal of Season 2 yet. However, the first season has been well-loved by fans, especially those who are missing the outdoors during the lockdown. Netflix is in the habit of renewing shows based on viewership ratings rather than critical consensus, so there’s a good chance of ‘Southern Survival’ coming back for Season 2.

As for when it will come on Netflix, we might have to wait till the end of next year. Even if the show is renewed, most of ‘Southern Survival’ is filmed outside, which might be slightly tricky due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we expect ‘Southern Survival’ Season 2 to release by late 2021.

Who Could Be In Southern Survival Season 2?

‘Southern Survival’ involves the crew members of Battlbox. It is a survival and outdoor gear company that provides camping gear, among others. In Season 1, we have seen Daniel, Brandon, Steve, and Mikki, who face various fears and try out different tests and challenges. If the show does return for another season, we are likely to see the same crew members again. There is always a chance of someone new coming on board as well.

Southern Survival Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

Each episode of ‘Southern Survival’ sees the crew tackling problems based on particular themes. Thus, we have a fire-themed episode where we see matches that cannot be extinguished and fireproof fabrics. In yet another episode, titled ‘Escape,’ the crew tries to get out of an underwater car. Each instance is exciting and designed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The crew also takes precautions against some natural disasters like earthquakes, mudslides, and a hurricane. While the Netflix series attempts to be entertaining, it is informative as well, and viewers can learn from the safety measures taken here. Ultimately, the infectious nature of the crew is the chief draw, and they make everything fascinating. The members are not condescending as they explain how things work, so someone who doesn’t spend too much time outdoors does not feel excluded.

We expect ‘Southern Survival’ Season 2 to bring back similar adventures and gripping scenarios. Hopefully, the tone of the series will also remain the same, since that is one of the chief reasons why viewers tune in. For now, there are many more survival products to be tested, and misconceptions to be cleared. We can count on the Battlbox team to help us in this endeavor.

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