Spiderhead 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, ‘Spiderhead’ is a sci-fithriller film developed from American author George Saunders’ short story ‘Escape from Spiderhead.’ The eponymous facility is a prison and research center where overseer and scientist Steve Abnesti conducts human trials for the drugs that fundamentally alter the human psyche, albeit temporarily. The subjects of the tests are convicted inmates who have volunteered to join the program in the hopes of commuted sentences and certain privileges. However, one such inmate, Jeff, soon discovers that the relative freedom he and the others seem to enjoy at Spiderhead comes at a steep price.

Following its release, ‘Spiderhead’ received primarily mixed reviews. While the film garnered some praise for the performances and fast script, it was heavily criticized for not reaching its full potential. If you are wondering whether there will be a sequel to ‘Spiderhead,’ we got you covered.

Spiderhead 2 Release Date

‘Spiderhead’ premiered in the US on June 17, 2022, on Netflix. It had its world premiere a week earlier on June 11, 2022, at The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, Australia. As for ‘Spiderhead,’ sequel, this is what we know.

Neither the producers nor the Netflix executives have announced the development of a sequel. As mentioned above, ‘Spiderhead’ was developed from a short story, which has a significantly different ending from the film. in the story, Jeff sacrifices himself so that he will not have to administer Darkenfloxx on a fellow inmate, finding a modicum of redemption with his final act. Meanwhile, Abnesti survives and presumably goes on to continue his tests. The film flips this ending on its head. It is heavily implied that Abnesti is dead, but Jeff survives and starts a new life with Lizzy.

While it may seem that the story is complete, Netflix has a long history of developing sequels if the original film turned out to be a success. Chris Hemsworth portrays Abnesti in ‘Spiderhead.’ In ‘Extraction,’ his previous collaboration with Netflix, it was heavily implied that his character died. And yet, due to the success of the first, they are currently developing a sequel. Incidentally, ‘Extraction’ also has a source material, the graphic novel ‘Ciudad’ by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Ande Parks, Eric Skillman, and Fernando León González.

So, if ‘Spiderhead’ manages to replicate the success of ‘Extraction,’ there will legitimately be a chance for a sequel. If the announcement about it is made within the next few months, the audience can expect ‘Spiderhead’ sequel to come out sometime in Q3 2024.

Spiderhead 2 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

Aside from Hemsworth, ‘Spiderhead’ stars Miles Teller as Jeff, a volunteer who realizes that the restraints on the inmates at Spiderhead aren’t physical but biochemical. Jurnee Smollett portrays Lizzy, Jeff’s fellow inmate and love interest. The cast also includes BeBe Bettencourt (Emma), Mark Paguio (Mark Verlaine), Tess Haubrich (Heather), Nathan Jones (Rogan), and Sam Delich (Adam).

Bettencourt and Delich’s characters are dead and appear throughout the film in flashback sequences. In the prospective sequel, they might continue to do so. Haubrich’s character killed herself in the film, so there is little chance of her appearing in the sequel. It is implied that Hemsworth’s character, Abnesti, died in a plane crash. However, we don’t see him at the moment of impact. If there is a sequel, he is bound to reprise his role. Teller, Smollett, and Paguio, the three other important cast members from the original film, will likely return as well and be joined by new cast members.

Spiderhead 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘In ‘Spiderhead,’ it is revealed that Mark has spiked Abnesti’s MobiPak, the device used to administer the drugs. After Jeff administers multiple drugs on him, Abnesti admits that they were mainly testing an obedience drug — B-6 or OBDX or Obediex. Although it is potent enough that Abnesti can live among convicted killers by administering it to the inmates, it doesn’t grant absolute control over the subjects. Jeff and Lizzy escape and Abnesti gets on his plane as Mark returns to Spiderhead with the authorities. However, Abnesti crashes his plane under the influence of drugs and is seemingly killed.

The prospective sequel will likely begin by showing how Abnesti has survived and what he has been up to. He might come after Mark, Jeff, and Lizzy, who likely think that the horrors they experienced at Spiderhead are behind them. Abnesti might restart the program at Spiderhead, drawing in new inmates from state prisons as volunteers.

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