Is Spinning Out Season 2 Canceled?

‘Spinning Out’ is an ice skating teen drama, created by Samantha Stratton and starring Kaya Scodalario and January Jones, among many others, in lead roles. Scodelario plays the role of Kat Baker, a young ice skater, who, unfortunately, suffers a serious injury. When she eventually heals, she gets an option to give a fresh start to her career as a pairs skater. In the midst of everything, she needs to hide the fact that her family is plagued by a history of mental illness.

That being said, the premise of ‘Spinning Out’ is meaningful and emotional, no doubt. However, it could not manage to strike a chord with the audience because of its endless melodrama and using campy storylines to shroud an otherwise sensitive subject. It does boast some compelling performances and contains the classic ingredients of a teen show. But the first season does not end on a conclusive note. There are so many plot arcs that quite a few of them do not reach their resolutions. Well, after opening to mixed reviews, here is the next inevitable question. Will we see another edition from the series? Let us find out!

Spinning Out Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

‘Spinning Out’ season 1 premiered on January 1, 2020, in all its entirety of 10 episodes, on Netflix. However, much to the disappointment of fans, in February 2020, the streamer decided to ax the show. The platform does not release reasons behind their decision to cancel shows. However, we believe that in the case of ‘Spinning Out’, its first season failed to garner enough views compared to its production costs. And we do know that Netflix uses the first month of viewing data on any show to make the aforementioned comparison. Another reason could be the mixed reviews received by ‘Spinning Out’ season 1. Perhaps the streamer did not watch to stretch their luck with a title that had opened on shaky grounds.

Prior to its launch on Netflix, ‘Spinning Out’ was in development at Pop. But the channel had to drop the show because of economic constraints. Pop’s Head Brad Schwartz explained the reasons during an interview with Deadline: “With Kiss and Cry, which became Spinning Out, that was our favorite project, the best script I think we ever had, and a young, up-and-coming new voice who wrote it, autobiographical and a passion project — all the things that we love to champion. We went everywhere trying to get that…We couldn’t find the economic model for us, and it’s heartbreaking and we had to let it go, and then Netflix jumped on it.”

Maybe, the economic model did not seem feasible to Netflix as well — when compared with the viewership numbers. And hence, they thought it best to not invest more in additional episodes. So, yes, here you go. ‘Spinning Out’ season 2 stands officially canceled.

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