Squared Love Everlasting Ending, Explained: Did Monika and Enzo Get Married? 

Directed by Filip Zylber, ‘Squared Love Everlasting‘ is the third installment in the ‘Squared Love’ franchise. Featuring Adrianna Chlebicka and Mateusz Banasiuk in leading roles, this 2013 romantic comedy delves into the passionate love story of Monika and Enzo. After enduring a rollercoaster journey of heartbreak and romance, they finally decide to commit to each other through marriage. However, the plot takes a dramatic twist when someone from Enzo’s past reappears, threatening their marriage and relationship.

Joining on the bandwagon are Miroslaw Baka, Krzysztof Czeczot, Jacek Knap, Ewa Kolasinska, and Monika Krzywkowska, promising a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions and dramatic twists. If you’re curious to see how this blast from the past affects Enzo and Monika’s relationship, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Squared Love Everlasting. ‘SPOILERS AHEAD!

Squared Love Everlasting Plot Synopsis

Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka) has accepted Enzo’s (Mateusz Banasiuk) marriage proposal, but Enzo is determined to propose to her in the right way, free from the intrusion of cameras and paparazzi. Unfortunately, his previous attempts at creative proposals, such as hiding an engagement ring in a balloon or hiring a pilot for a banner display, have all met with misfortune or bad timing. Enzo is no quitter and devises a new plan to propose to Monika on the day she assumes her new role as the principal of her school. However, just as he is about to kneel and propose, Monika falls ill. It is later revealed that Monika is expecting a child, prompting Enzo to seize the moment and propose to her.

Soon, Monika got the pregnancy jitters, pondering how she’d manage her personal and professional life with the child on the horizon. Unfortunately, Monika learns from her doctor that she’s not pregnant, and the false positive test resulted from a hormonal imbalance. The pair, however, is not deterred by the news and continues planning their wedding. Enzo wants to have a traditional church wedding with Monika, but to do so, he requires a confirmation certificate. To secure this certificate, Enzo and his brother, Stefan (Jacek Knap), decide to travel to Paris to meet with their uncle, Victor, who happens to be a priest.

Father Victor (Tomasz Karolak) presents Enzo with a unique ultimatum. If he wishes to tie the knot with Monika, he must meet two specific conditions. First, their weddings must take place in Enzo’s ancestral hometown, where his story began. Second, Father Victor urges Enzo to mend fences with a certain Ewa, whose life has taken an unfortunate turn since their last encounter. Given that Enzo was the catalyst for this downturn, Father Victor believes it is incumbent upon him to rectify the situation. With no choice left, Enzo decides to follow through with the demands. Enzo finds himself in a bit of a conundrum as he has dated more than one Ewa. This leaves him somewhat confused about which Ewa Father Victor was concerned about. Enzo embarks on a road trip, determined to track down the correct Ewa among his former flames. After scouring half the town and being chased by dozens of dogs, Enzo finally finds the real Ewa. Ewa is a street artist and also a mother of a five-year-old child, Anteck, whom she believes is Enzo’s. 

Ewa pays Monika a surprise visit and quickly makes herself at home. However, Monika can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that Enzo never mentioned having a child before. The truth is Enzo had no idea that Ewa was pregnant in the first place. Monika was already dealing with the stress of an ongoing audit at her school, and Ewa’s unexpected presence in her house only added to her worries. Meanwhile, Enzo takes Ewa to meet Father Victor, who is pleased to see that Enzo is trying to resolve things with Ewa. Enzo was even willing to provide for Ewa and Anteck. However, Ewa told Father Victor a little white lie, saying that Enzo had offered them a place to live and had invited them to the wedding as well. Enzo, fearing that Father Victor might refuse to officiate the wedding, reluctantly agrees to go along with the story.

Squared Love Everlasting, Ending: Did Monika and Enzo Get Married?

Enzo’s online streams start attracting millions of visitors when Anteck unexpectedly barges into his office during a live stream. Fortunately, someone from Enzo’s previous job reached out to him with a life-changing opportunity to cover the Dakar rally. It was unexpected since Enzo’s old boss and ex-girlfriend had blacklisted him from ever working there again. Now, the tables had turned, and Enzo was thrilled about the new opportunity. However, it seems that Ewa had entrusted Anteck entirely to Enzo’s care while she was out having her own adventures around town. 

On the flip side, Monika felt that Ewa was hiding something. Monika learns about Ewa’s dire financial situation. Apparently, Ewa is drowning in debt and is plotting to reunite with Enzo to raise Anteck together. When confronted, Ewa admitted this was her initial plan but decided to let go after witnessing the strong bond between Enzo and Anteck. Enzo, rather than confronting Ewa, is furious that Monika hired a PI without consulting him first and eventually postpones the wedding.

Father Victor firmly opposes the idea of postponing the wedding. He devises a clever plan to mend the rift between Enzo and Monika. Stefan and Jacek take matters into their own hands and somewhat forcefully bring Enzo and Monika to the church. The pair finally set aside their differences and made the mutual decision to proceed with the wedding. Ewa, in a sincere and heartfelt moment, apologizes to Monika. She also expresses her remorse for her attempts to sow discord between them. Monika, in turn, offers her reassurance and support. She promises to assist Ewa in finding a suitable place to live and securing a job that would allow her to provide for Anteck. Ewa also presents Enzo with an envelope containing the paternity test results. However, much to the surprise of those around him, Enzo chooses not to open the envelope. He is resolute in his decision to raise Anteck as his own son, regardless of the outcome of the test.

What Does the Title “Squared Love Everlasting” Mean?

‘Squared Love Everlasting’ is the perfect title for the incredible love story of Enzo and Monika. When we say “squared,” we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill love story. No, their love is like a complex puzzle, with layers upon layers of complexity and depth. It’s a love that’s been through the sun, facing hurdles and tests that would make your head spin. It’s also a love that refuses to quit. When we say “everlasting,” we mean a love that’s not bound by time. It’s a love that stands tall, unshaken by the storms of life. Monika and Enzo have weathered misunderstandings and even shocking revelations that could’ve torn them apart. Yet, through it all, their love has remained unbothered. 

What was Ewa’s Real Plan?

Ewa, who was one of Enzo’s flames, faced financial difficulties after their breakup. Her occupation as a street artist did not yield much income, making her fall behind on her expenses. She gambled and borrowed money in an effort to improve her financial status and provide for her kid, Anteck. Unfortunately, these choices only added to her mounted debt. She even attempted to pursue a wealthy suitor, but her marriage plans fell through. When Enzo reentered her life, Ewa decided to win him back in order to secure a more stable future for herself and her son. The fact that Ewa had a change of heart shows that she values her child’s happiness and the strength of her family ties more than she does her own comfort or satisfaction. 

Why did Bazyli Distance himself from Ola?

In the movie, we witness Bazyli in a relationship with Ola, a wealthy woman residing in Warsaw. Ola’s son pays her a visit and attempts to assert control over her life. He even makes the unilateral decision to take her to New York to live with her granddaughter, disregarding Ola’s desire to remain in Warsaw with Bazyli. He accuses Bazyli of being with his mother solely for her money. As a result, Bazyli distances himself from the situation out of respect for Ola and her family. However, as Ola comes to understand the situation better, she makes it clear to her son that she intends to continue living in Warsaw and will visit her family whenever she feels the need to do so. This decision allows her to maintain her relationship with Bazyli without letting it come between her and her family.

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