Squid Game Season 2 Release Date, New Cast and Plot Details

Created, written, and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Netflix’s survival drama seriesSquid Game’ follows Seong Gi-hun, who is in severe debt owing to his gambling habit. He joins a real-life game for the prize money of ₩45.6 billion (US$40 million) to help his mother and daughter. Taken up with the idea of winning such a humongous amount, Gi-hun signs up as one among the 456 participants of the Game. However, he soon realizes that anyone who fails will be killed, but he keeps his eyes on the prize and continues to play.

Upon its initial release in September 2021, ‘Squid Game’ was celebrated by audiences and critics alike, making it a worldwide sensation. The critics have praised its strong and impactful social commentary critiquing capitalism and the gradual loss of humanity in society. The series presents a solid depiction of modern-day economic disparities but in the apparel of an edgy allegorical thriller captivating audiences. As the series is commended globally, the viewers have been impatient for more. So, here’s everything we know about the potential season 2!

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date

‘Squid Game’ season 1 landed in its entirety on September 17, 2021, on Netflix. The first season comprises nine episodes with a runtime between 32-63 minutes each.

As far as the second season is concerned, here’s what we know. Netflix has not yet made an official announcement regarding the future of the show. Seeing that the viewership across the globe is colossal, it is bound to be a pivotal factor in the decision concerning a follow-up installment. Netflix’s global TV head, Bela Bajaria, told Vulture, “We could not imagine that it would be this big globally. We always knew it was going to be a signature title for Korea, but there’s no way to have anticipated it would be this big.” Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we hear the news of its renewal anytime soon.

The creator of ‘Squid Game,’ Hwang Dong-hyuk, has also hinted that a second season is not an impossibility. “Writing, producing, and directing a series alone was really such a big task. When I think about doing the same for season two, I’m personally kind of worried. There’s nothing confirmed at the moment, but so many people are enthusiastic that I’m really contemplating it,” he told CNN. As the creator himself is aware of the fans’ expectations regarding a sequel, we can hope that it will materialize soon. If a new round is ordered by the end of 2021, we can expect ‘Squid Game’ season 2 to release sometime in Q3 2022.

Squid Game Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

If renewed, ‘Squid Game’ season 2 may see the return of Lee Jung-jae as the protagonist of the show Seong Gi-hun. Lee Byung-hun can return as The Front Man AKA Hwang In-ho. Wi Ha-joon’s future on the series remains uncertain since Hwang Jun-ho’s supposed death is not confirmed in the first season. Moreover, Dong-hyuk expressed his interest in further developing Jun-ho’s character in the possible sequel.

If the Netflix series returns for another round, Gong Yoo might continue to appear as the recruiting salesman. Apart from these cast members, the second season will most likely see a new roster of actors since most of the main characters die in season 1, including O Yeong-su’s Oh Il-nam and Park Hae-soo’s Cho Sang-woo. However, it is possible that a few cast members may reappear in flashback scenes, if any, in the prospective sophomore outing. It remains to be seen if Jung Ho-yeon will reprise her role as Kang Sae-byeok.

Squid Game Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

‘Squid Game’ season 1 ends with Seong Gi-hun’s victory in the game. He wins the prize money but is remorseful thinking about the death of other participants and friends. After learning about the origin of the game from Il-nam, Gi-hun fulfills the promises he had made to Sae-byeok and Sang-woo. As he is going to reunite with his daughter, he sees someone playing ddakji with the same recruiter, making him determined to expose the savagery of the Game and the game-runners.

If there is a second season, it will possibly start with Gi-hun’s attempts to publicly expose the brutality of the Game. In the CNN interview, Dong-hyuk discussed what the second season will be about if he were to make one, “There are some loose ends I’d like to explore. The Front Man’s unexplained past and detective Jun-ho’s story are the things I didn’t explain in season 1. If I were to do season 2, I’d like to explain those elements. And the man with the ddakji in his bags, the man who was played by Gong Yoo.”

In an interview with Times, Dong-hyuk talked about other important aspects he would like to explore, “…one would be the story of the Front Man. I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea. I see it on the global news that the police force can be very late on acting on things—there are more victims or a situation gets worse because of them not acting fast enough…Maybe in season two, I can talk about this more.” As Gi-hun is resolute about his plans to uncover the truth about the Game, we can expect him to square off with The Front Man. Their disputes and battles are what could shape the thrill and commentary of the potential season 2.

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