Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 episode 2 is all about Book and the loss of his home planet, much to Burnham’s guilt and dismay. He tries his best to assist Book in his mission to detect and analyze the anomaly that has caused massive destruction in mysterious ways. The Discovery is now hell-bent on investigating the real reason behind Kwejian’s disappearance. For more updates, head to the recap. Now, we’d like to disclose everything we know about episode 3!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 episode 3 is slated to premiere on December 2, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The streaming platform releases new hour-long episodes on a weekly basis.

Where to Watch Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Online?

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 episode 3 is available to stream on Paramount+ and CBS All Access app at the aforementioned time and date. You can also watch the show by purchasing the episodes of the fourth season on Amazon Prime Video. The previous seasons are available for streaming on-demand on iTunesVudu, and Microsoft Store. You can additionally catch the show on DirecTVXfinity, and Fubo TV. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is also available as video-on-demand on YouTube TV.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Spoilers

Episode 3 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 is titled ‘Choose to Live.’ It will perhaps reveal more about Book’s ongoing emotional struggles along with the guilt that has been afflicting Burnham. He would try to make amends for having been negligent about the safety of Book’s home planet that has now wiped off the face of the Universe. Apart from that, Grey Tal will finally inhabit his new form!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 episode 2, titled ‘Anomaly,’ starts with Discovery about to reorganize the United Federation of Planets and the Starfleet. Shortly after, Captain Michael Burnham and her crew are shocked to see Kwejian destroyed. Burnham reveals to Saru that Book is the only one who survives. Saru then becomes the Discovery’s first officer again. It is said that the source of the anomaly that caused the destruction is roving black holes devouring all matter.

President Rillak allows the Discovery to look into the matter but while keeping its true nature hidden. As the Discovery approaches the anomaly, Book decides to use his private ship to investigate, and Burnham protests initially. However, he later agrees with the condition that Stamets should go with Book to collect data about the anomaly. Elsewhere, Doctor Culber makes a synthetic body for Gray Tal, who is excited about shifting his consciousness into a concrete form. As the investigation continues, the Discovery’s systems accidentally detach from Book’s starship as he moves closer to the anomaly.

Book is blinded by visions as the ruin belonging to his wrecked planet forms a ring of debris around the planet. Saru asks Burnham to open up in front of Book, who is understandably heartbroken after his home planet got wiped out. As Burnham utters a few motivational words, Book somehow finds the strength to make it back to the bigger ship. However, the singularity’s path turns out to have a chaotic trajectory which puts a threat on the planet’s safety.

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