Will There be a StarBeam Season 3?

‘StarBeam’, Netflix’s cheerful, charming animated show, is geared toward preschoolers. The star of the series is a bubbly (literally!) girl named Zoey, who has too many responsibilities, considering she is only a second-grade kid. However, she is endowed with multiple superpowers — super speed, immense strength, wind breath, and the capacity to create force fields with bubbles (bubbly, get it?). Packed with girl power, ‘StarBeam’ serves its purpose of distracting your kids, keeping them engrossed — long enough for you to concentrate elsewhere. But will it evolve to create a franchise of its own? Was it conceptualized for multiple seasons? Well, with two quick back-to-back seasons, let’s see what are the possibilities of the series spawning the third edition.

StarBeam Season 3 Release Date:

‘StarBeam’ season 2 premiered on September 8, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of eight 13-minute episodes. The bright, colorful, and energetic little show is all about pint-sized girls running and saving the world. Of course, it sends off a nice message and is engaging enough to keep kids occupied. With Netflix continually expanding its collection of kiddie-focussed shows, ‘StarBeam’ is a safe bet. It has already garnered a targeted and dedicated fanbase. If the streamer gives a go-ahead for the new edition in the next couple of months, we can expect ‘StarBeam’ season 3 to release sometime in early 2021.

StarBeam Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Nahanni Mitchell voices the titular protagonist, StarBeam aka Zoey. Joining her is Dean Petriw as Henry, also known as the superhero Boost. We then have Sam Vincent as Kipper, Terry Klassen as Gramps, and Diana Kaarina as the superheroine, WonderBeam, Zoey’s mum. Additional characters who are important for the storyline are Captain Fishbeard, Miserable Marla, Cosmic Crusher, Ms. Winkleman, Mayor Blumenshine, Luna Diaz, and Ms. Fawkes. They are voiced by a rotating panel of actors, including Laara Sadiq, Maryke Hendriksen, Ed Hughes, Jaeda Lily Miller, Abigail Journey Oliver, Rhona Rees, Zion Simpson, and Dominic Good, among others. Season 3 will mark the return of the entire lead voiceover cast.

StarBeam Season 3 Plot: What Can it be About?

StarBeam is the alter-ego of  Zoey, a young girl who is a second-grader. She had inherited her powers from her superhero mum, WonderBeam. The episodes follow StarBeam and her team of loyal sidekicks (including a seagull named Kipper, a pirate Vincent, and another superhero kid called Boost) as they go about saving the world from numerous villains.

Season 2 sees StarBeam and gang tackling the disappearance of fish sticks, searching for a lost snail, saving a baby blue whale, stopping Miserable Marla from ruining Mother’s Day, fixing a glitch in the robot called Bleep Blop, protecting the school from Cosmic Crusher, and unraveling the secret behind a mysterious blue meteorite. The writers have not yet revealed what plotlines they have in store for season 3. But we are sure of getting another batch of equally interesting, antic-packed episodes.

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