Is ‘Stargate’ Sequel Happening?

Will they? Won’t they? That’s the question that has haunted ‘Stargate‘ fans for years as the creators of the franchise continue to tease us with a possibility of a much-awaited revival. It has now been over 25 years since Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich traced the beginning of our extraterrestrial journey through the ring-shaped portal.

Interestingly, the 1994 sci-fi feature, ‘Stargate’, was only meant to be the first part of a trilogy that Devlin and Emmerich had created. However, due to issues with MGM that owns the rights to the film, the sequels never materialized. Instead, we got the longest-running sci-fi television series in history with ‘Stargate SG-1’, along with two television spin-offs, an animated series, a bunch of comics and novels, and a 2018 prequel webseries! Yeah, it is safe to assume that the ‘Stargate’ franchise is certainly alive and kicking. But not entirely in ways we would have wanted.

There were also talks of reboot trilogy by the original creators that eventually fell apart. But with the recent resurgence of sci-fi reboots like ‘Star Wars’ and this year’s ‘Star Trek: Picard’, fans certainly have hope that they will finally get what they deserve. In fact, the release of the ‘Star Trek’ series this month initiated a social media movement from the ‘Stargate’ fandom with #TimeForStargate trending all over twitter.

This isn’t the first time the fandom took to twitter. But it goes on to prove how much the viewers are waiting for the revival. And with the interest MGM has shown towards the franchise in the past, it might just be a matter of time. Here’s everything we know.

Stargate Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

There are hardly any chances of their being a ‘Stargate’ sequel in the future owing to the gap of over 25 years. But in 2016, it was briefly announced that MGM and Warner Bros. were planning to collaborate with the original creators, Devlin and Emmerich, for a reboot trilogy. However, the plans fell apart within a few months of the project’s development. In an interview with Variety, Devlin did say why the reboot was an important choice, also hinting at what should be expected plot-wise:

“It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again.”

If there’s ever a reboot by the original creators, we can certainly expect it to lead to a trilogy. According to them, the second installment would use a different mythology from the Egyptian one from the original feature. While the third chapter would link the three together, revealing that all mythologies are actually tied together with a common thread.

However, since Devlin and Emmerich are not on board currently we can’t say anything. Interestingly, Bill McCay wrote a series of five novels based on Emmerich’s notes that continues the story the creators had envisioned. These involve the successors of Ra, along with Earth-humans and the locals. So, we definitely have enough source material for the reboots/sequels. But as we have also seen interest from the crew of ‘Stargate SG-1’ , the studios might choose to revive that instead.

There is also a bigger chance that the revival might be series than a feature. Given the upteempth potential of the premise of the franchise, and its vast source material across different media, the ‘Stargate’ follow-up could actually take any direction.

Stargate Sequel Cast: Who Can Be In It?

If ‘Stargate’ takes the direction of a reboot, we can certainly expect new cast members playing the older characters. However, when Devlin and Emmerich were working on the project, they had stated that both James Spader and Kurt Russell were interested. But this was a long time back, and the two  may no longer fit into the narrative.

At the same time, certain cast members of ‘Stargate SG-1’ have also shown interest in the revival. The series stars Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge. Some of them also appeared in the spin-offs and follow-ups to the series. Last year, Anderson and Tapping even teased a possible revival of the series, and expressed their interest in it. While it may be best to introduce a completely new cast for the next ‘Stargate’ project, it would definitely be fun to have the original cast from the film and series make appearances.

Stargate Sequel Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

Ah, this is a tough one, owing to the complex history ‘Stargate’ has had with the creators of the film and the series. For starters, we can assure you that MGM will be behind the much awaited revival of the franchise as they own all the rights to the projects. But it is a little too soon to say who will be directing it.

In 2016, Jonathan Glickman, who served as President of MGM until recently, stated that “the only way to really give a boost of adrenaline and give the franchise the rebirth that it deserves was to bring back Roland and Dean.” However, the whole project fell through as there were issues between the creators and the studio.

According to Tapping, the series co-creator, Brad Wright was also recently approached by MGM for the possible revival. This goes on to show that the studio is certainly keen on continuing the ‘Stargate’ saga.

Stargate Sequel Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

Since nothing about a ‘Stargate’ revival has been announced yet, it is too soon to say when the follow-up would release. But given the current reign of reboots that dominate all streaming platforms, we can expect it to happen in the near future. Our best bet would be to expect ‘Stargate’ 2 to release sometime around 2023 or later.