Preview: Stargirl Episode 7

This week’s episode of ‘Stargirl’ finally sees the Justice Society of America coming together on their first major mission. However, things do not go as per plan. And this is expected. After all, the teens might have superpowers but they still need to hone their skills. They need to understand the meaning of teamwork. Moreover, the fresh recruits barely know each other. Well, we will come to the complete details of the sixth episode in our recap section. But before that, let’s get an idea about the release date and streaming details of the next episode.

Stargirl Episode 7 Release Date:

‘Stargirl’ Episode 7 will release on June 29, 2020, on DC Universe and then on June 30, 2020, on The CW at 8 pm ET.

Stargirl Episode 7 Spoilers

Episode 7 is titled ‘Shiv Part One’. In the upcoming episode, we will see Pat giving lessons to Courtney, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick regarding the importance of teamwork. The school gears up for homecoming while Cindy lashes out against her father’s strict rules. Meanwhile, Barbara accepts an offer from Jordan.

Where to Watch Stargirl Episode 7 Online?

All the episodes of ‘Stargirl’ will have two release dates. Episodes will first land on Mondays on DC Universe. You can watch the episodes online by subscribing to the platform. First-time subscribers are also offered a seven-day free trial. Again, you can watch the episodes on your tv screens the next day (Tuesdays) through a cable connection on The CW at 8 pm EDT. After the episodes are aired on the channel, they will also be available on the network’s website and app.

Now, if you wish to ditch all of the above options, you can still live stream episodes of ‘Stargirl’ on various, cable-free online streaming services. Some of these services include DirecTV and Hulu + Live TV. 

Stargirl Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 sees the new JSA team assembling for their fight against the Injustice Society. What happens is, two members from the opposite team, Larry and Paula, kill off the school coach. Pat confronts Courtney about what she is up to and this is when he learns of the new recruits. Pat warns that this could be a very dangerous journey for the teens. He asks Courtney to collect back the items from her friends. However, none of her peers are too happy to return the objects they had got attached to in the time-being.

Later, Courtney teams up with Rick, Yolanda, and Beth. Rick suggests that they should ignore Pat and take matters into their own hands. As they set off, this is when the group meets the villains, Tigress (Paula) and Sportsmaster (Larry). Of course, a fight breaks out and Tigress and Sportsmaster, realizing that they are outnumbered, leave. After returning, Pat advises Courtney that they need to train in order to face what is coming. At the Injustice Society HQ, Jordan discusses Project: New America — for which they need Brainwave. The team then decides on searching for the new JSA members one by one. This is where the episode ends.

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