Stephen Hawking Net Worth

How much is Stephen Hawking worth? $20 Million

How did Stephen Hawking earn his money and wealth?

A renowned physicist and a great example for passion for science, Stephen Hawking has earned his fair share of reputation and respect for his dedication towards his passion. Stephen Hawkings is a 76 year old theoretical physicist who was born in the year 1942 at Oxford in England. He is a British national who is also an author, cosmologist and the Director of Research in the Department of Centre for Theoretical Cosmology which is a part of the Cambridge University.

Hawking has penned down numerous scientific theories. He collaborated with a mathematical physicist named Penrose to generate the paper named “Gravitational Singularity Theorems”. This paper includes the framework for general relativity along with theory based predictions that state that the black holes tend to emit radiation which has been named Hawking Radiation. Hawking was the very first physicist to explain the theory behind our cosmology which was derived from a study of quantum mechanics and General Theory of Relativity.

Hawking is an avid supporter of the theory by quantum mechanics that states that many possible versions of world are actually present that includes all potential outcomes of a single event. Hawking is also a part of the FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts) along with being a lifetime member at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He has also received the highest known civilian award in the United States which is named “Presidential Medal of Freedom” in the year 2002. Hawking received the 25th rank in the poll conducted by BBC for the “100 Greatest Britons. He was also employed at the University of Cambridge between the years 1979 and 2009 at the post of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. He has bagged great commercial success with his penned book named “Popular Science” which contains all his theories about the cosmos and everything in general.

Hawking’s best seller was the book named “Brief History of Time” which remained at the list for 237 weeks which broke all the records yet at the British Sunday Times. However, the brilliant mind also has a rare degenerative disease named ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which progresses slowly affecting the neurons in the brain and slowly starts degrading the motor based functions leading to total halt of basic body functions. The disease has caused the genius to be paralysed for more than a decade. Hawking uses a speech-generating device in-order to communicate which works as her flexes his muscles in the cheek.

In popular culture, Hawking has several movies and TV series dedicated to him that include Hawking (2004) – the BBC television film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Big Bang Theory, Genius by Stephen Hawking (2016) and The Theory of Everything, among others.

What are the highest grossing incomes of Stephen Hawking?

1- Cash Prize for Special Fundamental Physics Prize (2012): $3,000,000

2- The Theory of Everything (2014) (Feature Film, starring Eddie Redmayne) – $35,893,537

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