Stephen King Net Worth

How much is Stephen King worth? $400 million

How did Stephen King earn his money and wealth?

Stephen Edwin King is a famous America-based author who writes in genres such as supernatural fiction, horror, science fiction, suspense as well as fantasy. He was born in the year 1947 near Portland located at Maine. Stephen has successfully sold above 350 million copies of his books. Most of his books have been adapted into hit blockbuster movies, TV series, Miniseries as well as comic books. Up until now, he has published more than 54 novels in his career as a writer. He has also written seven books with “Richard Bachman” as the pen name. He is also a short story writer with about 200 in his creative bank. These stories have been compiled into collection of books.

The movie named “The Shawshank Redemption” is based on the novella named “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”. This movie has been regarded as one of the greatest movie in the history of Hollywood cinema. It was also voted for the tag of “The 201 Greatest Movie of All Time” by readers of the Empire magazine in the year 2006. It also ranks on IMDb’s list of Top 250 Movies of All Time. The famous movies “Green Mile”, “It”, “Cujo”, “The Shining” are based on books written by him.

Maximum sections of his stories are based on the state of Maine which is Stephen King’s home state. The first professional sell for Stephen King was the short story named “The Glass Floor” for the Startling Mystery Stories in the year 1967. A large section of creative creations by Stephen King has been owned by the Fogler Library based in Maine. Post his education at the University, Stephen earned a teaching certificate for high school but the unavailability of teaching post made him supplement the need of money by selling his short stories to a magazine for men named “Cavalier”.

Most of his stories published back in the days when he was young have been published again in the collection named “Night Shift”. His story named “The Raft” was published in the men’s magazine named “Adam”. In the year 1973, Stephen published his very first novel named Carrie which was printed under the Doubleday publishing house. The story behind the success of Carrie is rather interesting. At first Stephen threw away the initial draft for the book that was a story about a girl who had psychic abilities. However, his wife brought back the draft and motivated him to finish the book which got him $2,500 as advance payment followed by a huge success of $400,000 for the paperback rights.

Recently, Stephen along with his son Owen composed a novel titled “Sleeping Beauties” that was released in the year 2017. The movie was about the life behind women’s prison.

How Many Books Has Stephen King Written: 103

What are the highest grossing movies of Stephen King?

1- It (2017): $327,481,748
2- The Green Mile (1999): $136,801,374
3- 1408 (2007): $71,985,628
4- Misery (1990): $61,276,872
5- Pet Sematary (1989): $57,287,414

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