Steve Bannon Net Worth

How much is Steve Bannon worth? $48 million

How did Steve Bannon earn his money and wealth?

Steve Bannon, real name Stephen Kevin Bannon, was born on 27 November 1953 in Virginia, US to Doris and Martin J. Bannon Jr. Steve went to Benedictine College Preparatory in Virginia and graduated from there in the year 1971. Later, he attended the Virginia Tech where Steve was appointed as the president of the student government association. Steve graduated with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies in the year 1976. While Steve served in the navy, he completed his master’s degree in national security studies from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in the year 1983. Later on, he earned a Master of Business Administration degree along with honors from the Harvard University.

Steve Bannon is not only an American media executive but is also a political figure, former executive chairman of the network Breitbart News and also a former investment banker. During the administration of United States President Donald Trump, Steve served as White House Chief Strategist and remained in the position for the first seven months of Trump’s term. He was an officer in the US Navy for 7 years in the late 70s and early 80s. After serving in the military, he worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and left his post as vice president. In the year 1993, Steve became the acting director of Biosphere 2, a research project. In the 90s, he was appointed as an executive producer in Hollywood and has produced 18 movies between the period of 1991 to 2016. In the year 2007, Steve co-founded Breitbart News, a website which is described as the platform for the alt-right in the year 2016.

It was in 1990 that Bannon teamed up with several of his work colleagues at Goldman Sachs and started a new company in his name, “Bannon & Co.”. It was a boutique investment bank with a specialization in media. His representation of Westinghouse Electric landed him a financial stake where he profited from five television shows, one of which was Seinfeld.

In the year 2016, Steve was named the CEO of Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. He was appointed as the Chief Strategist in the Trump administration but left the position in the year 2017 in order to rejoin Breitbart. After Roy Moore, whom Steve supported, lost the US Senate election held in Alabama, Steve’s reputation as a political strategist was questioned a lot. After he left the White House, Steve has campaigned and helped many European national populist conservative political movements which include Hungary’s Fidesz, France’s National Front, Alternative for Germany, the Dutch Party for Freedom, the Sweden Democrats, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Italian Northern League among others.

Steve advocated for restrictions on free trade with China as well as Mexico and an increased federal income tax for those people who earn more than $5 million annually.

What are the highest grossing earnings of Steve Bannon?

  1. Estimated income from Breitbart (2016): $125,000
  2. Estimated income from data firm Cambridge Analytica (2016): $125,000
  3. Estimated income from Government Accountability Institute (2016): $61,000

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