Steven Spielberg Net Worth

How much is Steven Spielberg worth? $3.6 billion

How did Steven Spielberg earn his money and wealth?

Steven Spielberg is a renowned filmmaker who was born to Leah Posner (mother) and Arnold Spielberg (father). This 71-year-old American director was born in the year 1946 on 18th December at Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. In the initial stage of his life, Steven showed interest in the department of filmmaking through small 8mm adventure based films as a teenager. In order to become a boy scout, Spielberg made a nine-minute-long 8mm movie that was titled “The Last Gunfight”. He attended the Arcadia High School in Phoenix for a time period of three years, post which his family shifted to Saratoga in California.

His first ever experience behind the camera was as a director of a TV segment that came on air in the year 1969 as an episode of “Night Gallery”. Due to his perfection and quality work, he was signed by Universal for four similar series on TV with the first being “Duel”. Later on, while pursuing his career as a director, Spielberg paired with George Lucas to direct the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” which was the very first Indiana Jones movie. This movie bagged the tag of being the biggest movie at the box office in the year 1981. He was also the recipient of many Oscar nominations that include Best Director which was his second nomination along with Best Picture.

Spielberg received an Academy Award for Best Director for his movies named “Schindler’s List” as well as “Saving Private Ryan” along with five more nominations. Three films from the career of Steven Spielberg made it large by achieving major success in box office records that include the movies, “Jaws”, “Jurassic Park”, and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. He also has long-lasting associations with numerous actors, technicians, producers and many noted composers like John Williams. Steven Spielberg has collaborated with the legendary Tom Hanks on many occasions and they also share a close friendship off-sets. Some of their notable movies include The Terminal (2004), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Joe Versus the Volcano (1990).

Steven also directed a movie about a middle-aged fairy tale character, Peter Pan. The movie was named “Hook” that released in the year 1991. Spielberg came up with his masterpiece named Jurassic Park in 1993 with genetically raised dinosaurs in the lead. Post huge success in movie making, Steven tried his luck with TV series named “Falling Skies” which was a science fiction that aired on the network named TNT.  Steven Spielberg decided to make a movie on Martin Luther King, Jr. In order to do so, he bought the rights to the story of his life.

Steven’s growing popularity is a result of love for Hollywood movies in the Asian countries like India, China, etc. Spielberg currently has the tag of being one among the highest net worth holders in the entire globe.

What are the highest grossing movies of Steven Spielberg?

1-Jurassic Park (1993): $1,029,153,882

2-E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982): $792,910,554

3-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008): $786,636,033

4-War of the Worlds (2005): $591,745,540

5-The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997): $618,638,999

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