Stevie Wonder Net Worth

How much is Stevie Wonder worth? $110 million

How did Stevie Wonder earn his money and wealth?

Stevie Hardaway Morris Judkins was born on 13th May 1950 in Michigan, U.S. He is an evergreen multi-instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, and singer. He was a child prodigy because of his gifted voice and multi-talents. He is popular as one of the most commercially successful musicians of the late 20th century. His songs are cherished even today by the younger generations.

Interesting facts about Stevie Wonder are: He has recorded over 30 songs which have been on the top 10 hit list. He is the proud winner of 25 Grammy Awards. He is among one of the highest awarded male solo artists. He has cumulatively sold over 100 million records all over the world. His names hold a place in the top 60 best selling music artists. Stevie Wonder was the front runner for the title of United Nations Messenger of Peace. In 2013, Stevie Wonder ranked number 6 at the Billboard all time top 100 artists.

Stevie Wonder was the third of the six children born to his parents. He was born six weeks premature, due to which he developed ROP or Retinopathy of Prematurity. This is a condition in which the growth and development of the eyes, especially the retinas cease and results in the detachment of the retinal layer. As a result, Stevie Wonder became blind. During his childhood, he began playing musical instruments such as drums, harmonica, and the piano. He partnered with a friend, and for singing and they called themselves “Stevie and John”. They would perform and play music on streets, parties, and gatherings. Stevie Wonder was also a part of the choir in the Church that he went to.

Stevie Wonder got his big career break when he sang his self-composed and written song “Lonely Boy” to Ronnie White who was a part of the Miracles. Amazed at the 11-year-old’s talent, he called Stevie Wonder for an audition in Motown for the label Tamla. Due to his tender age, he signed a contract of five years with the label.

Initially, Stevie Wonder was enthralled with the success and recognition that he got, but when his voice began to change during his teenage, the label considered canceling his contract. Instead, deciding to give him another chance, retained him. That was all he needed to bounce back into the limelight.

What are the highest selling music albums of Stevie Wonder?

  1. Mother Thank You (1962)
  2. Fingertips (1962)
  3. I Was Made To Love Her (1968)
  4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours (1969)
  5. My Cherie Amour (1970)

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