When Will ‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ Return to A&E Network?

‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ is the name given to the reality TV show ‘Storage Wars Canada’, when it premiered in the United States on May 17, 2017, on the A&E Network. The series is about a team of various individuals who go out and explore different storage locations which were supposedly long lost.

The well-known ‘Storage Wars’ franchise made its way out of Canada (2013 to 2015 on OLN) for the first time with its release in the US. The show’s episodes have a runtime of 30 minutes. The production duties are handled by A&E Television Networks and Proper Television and the show is executive produced by Robert Sharenow, Eline Frontain Bryant, Thom Beers, and Dolph Scott.

‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ returned with a second season on April 4, 2018. Now the question is, will there be a ‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ Season 3? We will find out soon enough but first, let’s look into the details of the series.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures Cast: Who’s in it?

Martin Yap is the narrator of ‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’. The rest of the cast includes real-life people who are designated to various jobs throughout all the episodes. To make their designations clear, the different team members are given different names like Roy Dirnbeck is called “The Instigator” whereas Cindy Hayden and Rick Coffill are known as “The Veterans”. Additionally, Bogart Kenny is referred to as “The High Roller” and Paul Kenny is known to everyone as “The Kid”. Don Reinhart and Ursula Stolf also star in the show, among others.

What is Storage Wars: Northern Treasures About?

The series’ first episode starts with the whole team exploring Aurora where they are quite hopeful about finding some long lost treasures. Roy Dirnbeck, or as he is known to his team members, “The Instigator” discovers a precious material that was almost hidden in hindsight. As the exploration continues Rick and Cindy (the duo who are known as “The Veterans”) stumble upon something interesting. The Kenny duo, Bogart and Paul Kenny who are actually father and son, soon understand that though all the explorers are part of a collective unit, each of them is on their own.

Everyone is competing with each other to find the perfect storage vault. In the second episode, Ursula Stolf leaps into the forefront as she gets adamant to prove that she is at the top of her game. She desperately tries to outrun the other members into finding a storage vault. Roy tries to up the ante by being more adamant in completing his objective.

Amidst all these, Paul and Bogart uncover a little something which might help them hit the jackpot. Things turn sour in the next episode when the team travels to Brampton and Roy gets involved in a verbal tussle with some potential customers. The incident occurs because Roy starts behaving with the customers indecently. Cindy starts taking the competition personally as she is determined to defeat Ursula. Bogart starts learning new skills from his son to stay in the game.

After this, all the action shifts back to Orangeville again where the potential customers of storage vaults start organizing different games to raise the stakes in the competition. Roy tries to take Cindy out of the game by diverting her attention towards something else, but he almost loses his own game as he unintentionally falls for Ursula. As the series continues viewers get to see the celebrations of Rick’s birthday.

On this auspicious occasion, the battle between the competitors takes a new shape as they are desperate to knock each other out of the game. This mainly happens because the consumers who are calling all the shots start covering unventured territory to find out their own storage vaults.

To keep the viewers engaged, the show brings in guest auctioneer Patrick Pecker. It gets really interesting from there as the viewers eagerly wait to see what happens to the rivalry between him and Roy. Then we are taken to the Brampton auction in another episode and the last episode deals with how Paul gets ecstatic about the storage vault auction in Wasaga Beach.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ Season 2 premiered on April 4, 2018. While Season 1 consisted of 35 episodes, Season 2 aired 16 episodes in all. Although both seasons garnered decent praise from viewers and critics, there has been no word from the original creators of the show regarding the renewal of the series. However, we can expect an announcement about the ‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’ Season 3 release in early 2020. Keep checking this space for more updates.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures Trailer:

While waiting for further updates, get a sneak peek here to see what the show is all about.

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