Preview: Stranger Season 2 Episode 3

‘Stranger’ or ‘Secret Forest’ is a South Korean drama that is packed with mystery and intrigue. Noteworthy to mention here is the fact that this particular show does not contain the typical tropes of regular K-dramas. It is created in the form of a legal thriller, which follows an unbiased prosecutor named Hwang Si Mok who does not show emotions due to a childhood surgery. He teams up with a fearless cop named Han Yeo Jin to investigate crime and corruption. With season 1 having opened to rave reviews, it was soon renewed for another installment. Season 2 dropped on Netflix on August 15, 2020, which was followed by the second part that landed the next day. And here’s everything we know about its third episode.

Stranger Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date:

‘Stranger’ season 2 episode 3 is slated to release on August 22, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. This will be followed by episode 4 that drops on August 23, 2020. The show will drop two weekly episodes every Saturday and Sunday at the same time slot. Season 2 will consist of 16 episodes.

Where to Watch Stranger Season 2 Episode 3 Online?

You can stream ‘Stranger’ season 2 episode 3 on Netflix. You can also watch the episode on the Netflix app. Another way you can watch the drama series is by tuning to tvN at 8 am ET (9 pm KST) every Saturday and Sunday.

Stranger Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Season 2 takes place in March 2019 when Si Mok is driving through a dense fog, with poor visibility. Mr. Lee calls him and asks why he is late. Cut to another scene and we learn that two people have drowned at the sea. Si Mok reaches the spot where the victim’s friend is also present. The college student is surprised and sad that the young boy died during his first trip to the sea. Yeo Jin watches the news and learns of a high-ranking officer at the National Police Agency who has been accused of leaking information about a certain prosecution case. Mr. Kim had apparently passed on vital info about a case in 2018 to his high school friend, Mr. Park.

Yeo Jin contacts Si Mok about the drowning incident. She is curious since beaches are closed in this season. Si Mok informs her that he won’t be taking up the case as he is getting transferred. Yeo Jin discovers through some social media contacts that three photos of the beach before the incident had been deleted. She is now sure that the two boys had not drowned by accident and there is more to the case. Hang and Yeo Jin find loads of info about the victims on social media. Si Mok also cannot help himself and visits the beach. He finds out that the rope warning people not to enter had been cut off.

Detective Hang meets Lee Yong Ho, the man who owns the social media account. He is asked to come to the station to answer questions. Lee Yong-ho hires a lawyer named Oh Ju Seon. Si Mok later discovers that the drowning case has been closed already after being given a non-prosecution deposition.

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