Preview: Stranger Season 2 Episode 5

The second season of Netflix’s K-drama, ‘Stranger’ has showcased a slow pace. As compared to season 1, this time around, the action is comparatively less. With more of a Western vibe, the ongoing installment resembles a procedural drama rather than a thriller. When the season returned this week, we witnessed the situation between the police and prosecution continuing to take center stage. The format also remains the same — with the story being narrated via flashbacks, oscillating between the past and present.

Again, there is a lot of politics that are at play and the police brutality stuff is pretty good and definitely topical. Over the last four episodes that have aired, we have seen the characters tackling murders by the beach, previous homicides, and corruption. Yes, too many plotlines are being executed all at once, and we hope the next episodes manage to at least give us a direction on where the story is headed from here. Well, for some further insights, here is our preview of the next episode.

Stranger Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date:

‘Stranger’ season 2 episode 5 is slated to release on August 29, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. This will be followed by episode 6 that drops on August 30, 2020. The show will drop two weekly episodes every Saturday and Sunday at the same time slot. Season 2 will consist of 16 episodes.

Where to Watch Stranger Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

You can stream ‘Stranger’ season 2 episode 5 on Netflix. You can also watch the episode on the Netflix app. Another way you can watch the drama series is by tuning to tvN at 8 am ET (9 pm KST) every Saturday and Sunday.

Stranger Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Episode 3 begins with Si Mok entering a restaurant where he meets Assistant Chief Kim Sa Hyun. After an awkward toast and some talks over food, they bid their farewells to each other. Meanwhile, Yeo Jin reaches the station and informs Sergeant Jang about the Police-Prosecution council. She says that she wants to join him as a representative. As they discuss, they receive news about a rental scam. The team advises Jang to take Yeo Jin with them when they leave.

On the other hand, Sa Hyun and Tae Ah speak about Si Mok’s behavior. Si Mok walks away and heads home. A surprised Sa Hyun asks why he is leaving before his seniors. Si Mok ignores and walks away and later, goes through the case reports regarding the killed police officers. He immediately suspects foul play. At the police station, Baek Jung Gi receives a mysterious call. After conversing with the person at the other end, he goes to a room upstairs. This is when we learn via flashback that the date of enclosure for Song’s body was September 10, 2017, at 6.30 am.

In the present, Dong Jae and Si Mok discuss the case. They discover that an officer who had apparently died by suicide was most probably murdered. Si Mok heads to the washroom and re-enacts the scene of Officer Song’s death. He introspects about the whole situation and leaves. Meanwhile, the teams gear up for another meeting between the prosecution and the police departments. The episode ends with both the groups walking to participate in the meeting.

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