Will There be a Street Food: Latin America Season 2?

Street food in any form never disappoints! And with almost all food stalls being out of limits due to the current global lockdowns, a culinary travel show is the best bet to satiate our wanderlust. One such documentary that is the perfect blend of travel and delicious snacks is ‘Street Food: Latin America’. It gives us a real-time view of the culture, community, and beloved dishes in different corners of Latin America. And if you were mesmerized with the gorgeous display of local cuisines in its first season, read on to know everything about its potential second edition.

Street Food: Latin America Season 2 Release Date:

‘Street Food: Latin America’ season 1 premiered on July 21, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of six episodes. The Latin American version is an extension of the superhit Netflix original, ‘Street Food’, which follows street food chefs and their history, coupled with snapshots of how these dishes are influential in their native country. Owing to the popularity of its parent show, its spinoff managed to garner good reviews from fans. Hence, we are hopeful that it will spawn more seasons, perhaps with changes in the featured venues. If that happens, we can expect ‘Street Food: Latin America’ season 2 to premiere sometime in 2021.

Street Food: Latin America Season 2 Cast

Unlike most food shows, this particular series does not feature a constant host. The main focus is on the chefs who have made a name for themselves in the street food scene of Latin America. Some of the culinary experts featured in season 1 include Pato Rodrigues and his tortillas, Dona Vale and her pearless memelas, Nikkei and her ceviche, Luz Dary, and Dona Emi, among others. Season 2 will throw the limelight on another batch of extremely talented chefs who can weave the magic when it comes to Latin American street food.

What Can Street Food: Latin America Season 2 be About?

According to Netflix’s synopsis for season 1, “In this vibrant docuseries, Latin American chefs tell their stories and bring a taste of tradition and innovation to their delicious offerings. The mouth-watering documentary series travels to Latin America to meet the local stars of Street Food in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia.”

The episodes narrate the genesis of different food businesses and chronicle their rise to fame in contemporary South America. While some tales are pleasant to the ears, others have a history of an atrocious past. Of course, we also learn about Latin American culture, which is full of songs and rejoices. Here, the food has evolved to influence many parts of the US as well. In a potential second edition, we expect the show to give us more insights into the cuisines that form the backbone of Latin America’s rich tradition.

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