When Will Succession Come Back?

Created by Jesse Armstrong of ‘Peep Show’ fame, ‘Succession’ is a satirical drama series with an intent gaze upon the crooked side of the elite society. The story follows billionaire businessman and Machiavellian patriarch Logan Roy and his dysfunctional family as they struggle to keep the empire running. The HBO original series has managed to spool two seasons since its 2018 release, garnering noticeable critical praise, much of it owing to the brilliant casting and insightful storytelling.

At the end of season 2, Waystar RoyCo’s future is seemingly uncertain with the worsening of public relations of the company. Following the shocking developments in the finale, fans are eagerly waiting for the third season to release. If you are wondering about the release date and other details regarding the upcoming season, let us not keep you waiting.

Succession Season 3 Release Date

‘Succession’ season 2 premiered on August 11, 2019, on HBO, with the season finale airing on October 13, 2019. The second season comprises ten episodes with runtimes varying between 56 to 66 minutes.

Let us now disclose everything we know related to the production of the third season. Fans will be pleased to know that the critically acclaimed show is coming back for a third season. On August 20, 2019, only after the airing of two episodes of the second season, HBO came up with an announcement regarding the show’s renewal for the third run following whopping viewers’ ratings.

However, in March 2020, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, production was halted indefinitely. As per Deadline, the crew thought to commence filming in Los Angeles due to the dire pandemic situation in New York. However, the situation in Los Angeles deteriorated faster than anticipated, and the team chose to stay in New York. After the long delay, filming began around late November 2020.

HBO content chief Casey Bloys said that in an ideal situation, the season would have aired in late 2021, but in the new normal, even high-priority productions have been dealing with tremendous uncertainty. However, if no further delay is incurred, we may hope ‘Succession’ Season 3 to premiere sometime in mid-2022.

Succession Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

All of the main cast members are set to return for the third season of the critically acclaimed drama. Among the Roy family members, Brian Cox stars as the Billionaire business mogul Logan Roy, alongside Hiam Abbass, who appears as Logan’s third wife, Marcia. The next generation includes Alan Ruck (Connor Roy), Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy), Kieran Culkin (Romulus “Roman” Roy), and Sarah Snook (Siobhan “Shiv” Roy).

In other prominent roles, Nicholas Braun portrays the character of Logan’s grandnephew Gregory “Greg” Hirsch, Peter Friedman plays the role of Logan’s trusted associate Frank Vernon, and Matthew Macfadyen of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ fame takes up the role of Shiv’s husband, Tom. Some recurring cast members have also been made permanent for season 3. Among them, Justine Lupe (Willa Ferreyra), David Rasche (Karl Muller), Fisher Stevens (Hugo Baker) are to be seen in prominent roles.

The third season will also introduce us to a slew of fresh cast members. Sanaa Lathan (Lisa Arthur; a renowned New York lawyer), Linda Emond (Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven; a White House aide), Jihae Kim (Berry Schneider, a high-profile PR consultant), Hope Davis (Sandi Furness; Logan’s rival Sandy Furness’ daughter) are taking up important recurring roles. In another small but significant role as the crisis PR representative, we will see American-Belarusian actress Dasha Nekrasova.

Succession Season 3 Plot: What is it About?

The second season sees the Waystar RoyCo going through many ups and downs. In the season finale, things get complicated when Logan is pressurized to take the blame for the cruises scandal. Staying true to his character, Logan attempts to divert the blame. A “blood sacrifice” has to be made, and after hearing a plea from Shiv to not let Tom take the fall for the lawsuit, Logan chooses Kendall instead. However, in the press conference, Kendall deviates far from the set course and blames Logan for the alleged misconduct. Greg still holds on to the probative documents, and the episode ends with Logan’s cryptic smile as he watches the telecast of the press conference.

The third season will ideally pick up from the finality of the previous chain of events. Shiv and Tom may have a fallout following the suggestion implanted in the season finale of the second season. Logan still holds a chip over Kendall, and it can come out eventually. On the other hand, the dwindling company needs a successor, and it is hinted that Greg will take up an important role in the organization. However, in an interview with THR, a seemingly shocked Brian Cox divulged that “We never knew from episode to episode what was going to happen. But then he (Armstrong) told me. And it’s jolly thrilling.” And we are hooked!

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