Will There be a Summer House Season 5?

‘Summer House’ is Bravo’s reality series that follows the activities of a bunch of friends, sharing a quaint summer villa in Montauk. As described by Bravo, Montauk is “a breezy beach town on the easternmost point of Long Island”. It is a hot-spot for young tourists who desire to spend some relaxing time, away from the hum-drum of hectic city life.

Owing to its lively premise, accompanied by quality doses of drama, ‘Summer House’ quickly progressed to become a fan-favorite show, especially among the younger viewers. Hence, since its debut in 2017, it has spanned four remarkable seasons to date. So this poses the next inevitable question. Will there be a ‘Summer House’ season 5? Read on to know.

Summer House Season 5 Release Date

‘Summer House’ season 4 premiered on February 5, 2020, on Bravo TV. After spanning 14 episodes, it ended with its finale on May 6, 2020. This was followed by a reunion special that aired on May 13, 2020.

While Bravo is still to announce if the show has been renewed for its next outing, the ratings for its fourth edition hit a series high. Star Kyle Cooke had even expressed her optimism for a new outing, saying that the entire crew is extremely hopeful that the reality series will go on. However, when asked about how filming would progress considering the COVID-19 outbreak, star Amanda Batula said in an interview with ET: “We never find out what’s happening until it happens. I mean, we’re coming up with our own plans on how we can make season five work. … It’s like, let’s do this Big Brother-style. Let’s just throw us all in the house.”

Regarding a fifth season, producer Ian Gelfand told Kate Casey on her podcast ‘Reality Life with Kate Casey’, “Like is there some talk? There’s some talk. But nothing’s been greenlit.” He did mention that season 4 was the “best season of Summer House yet” and that the team has hit several milestones. So he is hopeful that the show will return for a new season.

Therefore, even though there’s no official confirmation yet, we can safely assume that we will get a fifth outing next year. But since filming for each season starts usually in around June, we expect the dates to be pushed back to a later month due to the ongoing health crisis. Hence, the series might not return to its regular, annual January-March slot. In all probability, ‘Summer House’ season 5 will release sometime in 2021.

Summer House Season 5 Cast

The cast of season 4 is led by returning stars, Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Hannah Berner, and Paige DeSorbo. Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi return as friends. New additions in the fourth season are Jules Daoud and Luke Gulbranson. In a potential season 5, we expect all of the lead stars to make comebacks.

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