Summer Wars Part 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters, English Sub

Hosoda Momura, who has recently become one of the most renowned names in the world of anime, has been constantly challenging the habitual approach of most anime shows. He has brought out content that is not just appealing to the Japanese audience but is equally enjoyable for the West as well.

‘Summer Wars’ brings in two worlds that exist simultaneously and both of these worlds have some of their own distinctive features that make them enjoyable to watch. Characters appear to be entirely different in the two worlds and the only thing that remains the same is their personalities. Unlike most other anime, the CGI in the film has been handled really well. This can be seen very well in the designs of the avatars of the characters that very different from how they look in real life and still is somehow representative of their real-world personas.

‘Summer Wars’ really outshines all others with the depth of its characters and also how it portrays the dysfunctional relationships between all the members of a family. The entire structure of the relationships between these family members has been handled in such a way that a lot of it will be quite relatable for most viewers. As individuals, most characters don’t go through much of development and that is understandable considering the fact that as a movie, it has its own constraints. But even then, it manages to present its characterization as its strong suit through the incredible acting and scripting of the entire cast.

Despite being really well choreographed, ‘Summer Wars’ isn’t too great when it comes to its sound effects. A lot of times, background sounds and voices overlap each other. Overall, the story of ‘Summer Wars’ may not exactly be a refreshingly new concept but it clearly manages to portray a more modern form of storytelling. It is quite enjoyable and occasionally, it also tugs a few heartstrings. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Mamoru’s previous works and even if you’re not too familiar with the director, this would be a great place to start.

Summer Wars 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Summer Wars’ premiered on August 1, 2009. The film was very well received by both fans and critics and was able to gross over US$1 million in its opening weekend itself. The film was clearly a huge financial success which is one major parameter on which the renewal of most anime depends on. Now no matter where you live if you’re into anime, you are probably familiar with Mamoru Hosoda’s other works as well, out of which, ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time‘ and ‘Wolf Children’ are the most popular ones. Most of his previous movies never received a sequel despite being extremely successful commercially. ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ is in fact known to be one of the best anime films ever made but still, it does not have a sequel yet.

So considering all the previous works of Mamoru Hosoda, it seems very less likely that there will be a second part of the ‘Summer Wars’ movie. And also, according to some reliable sources, Mamoru has already started working on a whole new anime film so he won’t really be looking back at his old creations for a very long time now. But even then, in the future, if there are any updates regarding the renewal of the anime or’ Summer Wars’ 2 release date, we will surely update it here in this section.

Summer Wars English Dub:

You can stream the English Dub of ‘Summer Wars’ on Funimation. 

Summer Wars Plot:

A virtual world named OZ has come into existence and it offers several activities to everyone involved in it which includes playing sports, shopping and even creating new unique avatars. Everything is virtually possible in this online world but to ensure that none of the personal data of any of the characters is leaked, OZ also has nearly impenetrable security with very strong encryption. The creators of this world make sure that everyone who is a part of it is completely protected and safe. Because of all the convenient applications of the online program, pretty much everyone starts depending on it for almost everything and their trust with the system goes beyond anything.

Out of all the people involved behind the development of OZ, Kenji Koiso is a 17-year-old Maths genius who works as a part-time OZ moderator. Later, to his surprise, his crush Natsuki invites him on a summer trip. But little does he know, that he will have to pretend to be her fiance throughout the trip. Soon after he arrives at Natsuki’s family estate, where preparations are being made for grandmother’s 90th birthday, he receives a very strange message from an unknown number. The sender of the message challenges him to decipher the code in the message and without even thinking twice he simply cracks it. But he has no clue that his genius code-breaking skills have now put the entire world in danger.

Summer Wars Characters:

Kazuma Ikezawa

Kazuma is Natsuki’s 13-year-old cousin whose avatar is King Kazma in the world of OZ. He barely leaves his room and is very talented when it comes to winning games at the OZ. He has tanned dark skin and black hair with bangs that cover his eye. He is really short for his age and is often seen with a pair of headphones hanging down his neck.

Sakae Jinnouchi

Sakae Jinnouchi is an 89-year-old matriarch who is the oldest member of the Jinnouchi family.  She wears red-colored glasses and traditional Japanese clothes. She has medium length hair that is grey in color and has dark brown eyes. She usually has a blank expression on her face and when she smiles, her two teeth in the top row stick out.

Kanji Koiso

Kanji Koiso is a 17-year-old high school student who is a maths genius and is also a moderator at the interactive computer world of OZ. He later receives a cryptic code that he cracks and lands in deep trouble as the code actually turns out to be OZ’s security system. He later tries to fix this by facing Love Machine along with the help of his friends. Initially, he fails to defeat Love Machine but later, somehow manages to show his true potential and in the end, also fulfills his Granny’s dream. When it comes to his appearance, he is a good looking boy who has a fair complexion and has short jet black hair.

Natsuki Shinohara

Natsuki is the main female protagonist of the anime who is an 18-year-old high school student. She invites Kenji to her great grandmother’s 90th Birthday. She does so because she had initially promised her great grandmother that she will make her meet her boyfriend very soon. And that’s the reason why she asks Kenji to pretend that they’re a couple while he’s there. Natsuki is a beautiful young girl who has dark blue hair and big black eyes. She has been friends with Kenji for a while now and has no clue that Kenji actually has always had a crush on her.

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