Supercar Superbuild Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Supercar Superbuild aired on Smithsonian Channel premiered on 13th February 2016 with its first season which concluded on November 19, 2016. The series returned for a second season on 20th January 2018 on Amazon Prime and concluded on March 17, 2018. David Royle, Dylan Weiss, and Joy Galane are the executive producer of Supercar Superbuild series. Cry Havoc Productions Company produces the Supercar Superbuild Series.

Supercar Superbuild Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

There is no real cast for Supercar Superbuild Series as it is a documentary series based on automobiles.

Supercar Superbuild Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

Supercar Superbuild Series features the amazing mechanical prowess, inherent beauty and the basic building process and construction of world’s leading luxury automakers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Supercar Superbuild shows the entire process as these automakers hope to produce what they want out of their next iconic car. These automobiles stand at the edge of childhood imagination and adult obsession.

Supercar Superbuild Series features vehicles that capture hearts, light fantasies and leave some people wishing they were wealthy enough to afford them. The most important part of the series is that it shows the art of creating these masterpieces. Each episode tells stories about a dedicated, hard-working team of passionate automotive artisans and the obstacles they overcome to create something big and think outside the box with an upbeat approach. Supercar Superbuild Series shows how these ultimate cars reach car enthusiasts around the world.

Every episode of Supercar Superbuildis an hour-long. Each episode takes you on a ride to have an in-depth look at the performance, challenges, design, and origin of the automobiles. It demonstrates the idea of automakers and tells you what each of these manufacturers is trying to accomplish by designing up and coming models of a car.

Supercar Superbuild comes with eight one-hour-long episodes. These episodes delve deeper into the design and creation of the world’s biggest automobile makers such as Audi, Porche, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Alfa Romeo and more. Supercar Superbuild discuss what makes each car unique and what sets itself apart from all other machines. This show answers what makes each car’s machinery and mechanical abilities stand out from others. Supercar Superbuild series runs a check on what contributes to the artistry of these extraordinary engineering marvels and learn about the high-performance factors of these vehicles.

Supercar Superbuild Series follows a lot in their hour-long episode such as the Jaguar F- Type SVR gets charged up to 60 miles per hour from 0 miles hour in just under 4 seconds and rises to the top speed of up to 200 mph. The frame of an Audi R8 is made from more than 97 yards of aluminium welds. The Rolls Royce that gives an edgy, sporty look gets finished with sumptuous leather, and exotic wood and the final value is more than $275,000. Mercedes AMG GT is known for its AMG brand because of handcrafting incredible engines, hot rodding Mercedes Benz machines, and building Autobahn burners. Supercar Superbuild also visits some of the world’s biggest manufacturing sites and factories of the biggest automakers.

Supercar Superbuild Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The air date of James Patterson’s Supercar Superbuild Season 3 has not been announced by Smithsonian Channel. Given that season 1 premiered in 2016 and season 2 in 2018, there may still be time for a renewal to happen. We will keep you posted as and when the next season gets announced.

Supercar Superbuild Season 3 Trailer:

The trailer of Supercar Superbuild Season 3 is not officially available at the moment. Here is a teaser for Supercar Superbuild. You can have a look at the series here or head to Prime Video to watch the series in its entirety.