Supergirl Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date and Spoilers

In episode 12 of ‘Supergirl,’ Nyxly is set to destroy the city, and Supergirl has to stop her before the worst happens. Elsewhere, the collapse of the Ormfell building has spread an illness over the city, and the hospital has run out of resources to accommodate the sick. If you missed the episode, check out the recap for a detailed refresher. Now, here are the spoilers and release date for ‘Supergirl’ season 6 episode 13!

Supergirl Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date

‘Supergirl’ season 6 episode 13 will release on September 28, 2021, at 9 pm ET on The CW. New hour-long episodes of the sixth and final season of the show drop every Tuesday on the network.

Where to Stream Supergirl Season 6 Episode 13 Online?

You can watch ‘Supergirl’ season 6 episode 13 on your television screens on The CW channel at the above-mentioned date and time. If you miss the TV broadcast, you can catch the show a day later on The CW’s official website or The CW app. You can also opt for Live TV streaming services like DirecTVYouTube TVXfinity, and FuboTV for watching the episodes of ‘Supergirl.’

In addition, VOD platforms like iTunesApple TVVuduGoogle PlayMicrosoft StoreSpectrum on Demand, and Amazon Prime Video give the option of either buying or renting the episodes or seasons. Furthermore, seasons 1 to 5 of ‘Supergirl’ are available to stream on Netflix.

Supergirl Season 6 Episode 13 Spoilers

In ‘Supergirl’ season 6 episode 13, titled ‘The Gauntlet,’ Supergirl and team will compete against Nyxly for possession of a magical totem known to have an effect on courage. Supergirl and Nyxly will have to face a bravery test that will determine who deserves the totem. This might be Supergirl’s only hope in securing the magical item. Meanwhile, Lena will familiarize herself with the unusual characteristics of her new gift. Here’s a promo for the next episode!

Supergirl Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

In the twelfth episode, titled ‘Blind Spots,’ Supergirl’s decision to continue her rigorous search for Nyxly, the Imp Princess, who is waiting to inflict severe destruction upon the city, turns out to be an honest mistake. The titular superheroine neglects the crisis caused by the Ormfell building collapse resulting in widespread sickness that even hospitals can’t help. Her mind is caught up with the possibilities of having Nyxly gain power over the entire city.

Meanwhile, Kelly is disappointed in her Superfriends at a time when she needs them the most. Her only source of support is Alex, who arranges for additional supplies, along with Dreamer, assisting Kelly in the investigation. Moreover, because of James, Diggle also helps look into the cause of the illness. Alex is fully determined to help his girlfriend Kelly, who is going through a tough phase, and the only thing she needs is comfort and some time to process her emotions. Despite the torment she experiences, Kelly wants to stand up for the community and embrace her new personality as a social worker.

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