Superman and Lois Episode 4: What to Expect?

The third episode of ‘Superman & Lois’ season 1 deals with differences in opinion between Clark and his sons. As they are growing older and Jordan’s powers are increasing, the twins need to set boundaries with the physical world. But more on later! For now, we can instead look at the details for the upcoming episode right here.

Superman & Lois Episode 4 Release Date

‘Superman & Lois’ episode 4 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 9/8c on The CW. The show has a release pattern of airing one episode every Tuesday on the channel.

Where to Watch Superman & Lois Episode 4 Online?

If you’re excited to catch ‘Superman & Lois’ episode 4 on TV, you can tune in to The CW at the above-mentioned timeslot. You can likewise stream it on The CW’s official website or The CW app a day after its original air date. If you do not have a cable connection or are looking for more options, you can additionally head to live TV websites, where the show is available. A few of them include DirecTVYoutube TV, and Fubo TV. You can even buy or rent the episodes on VOD platforms like iTunesVudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Superman & Lois Episode 4 Spoilers

The upcoming episode of ‘Superman & Lois’ is called ‘Haywire.’ In this episode, Lois and Chrissy will spot Morgan Edge conversing with Mayor Dean and Kyle Kushing. As a result, they will see right through his insincere move to try to win over the town. Meanwhile, Clark will agree to help Lois out at a town hall meeting. The promo for the upcoming episode can be watched below!

Superman & Lois Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of ‘Superman & Lois’ is titled ‘The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower,’ which begins with Clark being called for duty. He ends up saving countless lives by stopping a falling bridge. At dinner, he engages the family in a discussion about their true identities. Later at the farm, Clark hears Jordan fighting with Sarah’s boyfriend in school, which makes him rush to the spot. He then takes the twins home, but they are mad at their father.

Lois tries to make Clark see their end of things, and he finally promises not to listen in on them again. Meanwhile, a woman approaches Lois at work and expresses her disdain for Morgan Edge. He was apparently responsible for her son’s death. A man outside the building is spying on them. After school, Sarah meets up with Jonathan and Jordan at a diner. She confides in the twins about her difficult life, which has coaxed her to take pills. Her parents are also facing problems with each other. Outside the office, Lois finds one of their cars in flames, and Kyle thinks it is caused by Edge.

Lana then casually talks to Clark about Jordan and how great he is at football. The curious dad of two then visits the school and sees his son in action. Clark and Lois tell Jordan off for playing football because of the dynamic nature of his powers. Jonathan then tries to talk to Clark about letting Jordan play the sport. Lois arrives at the local motel to meet the woman whose son died because of Edge. But before she realizes it is a setup, she is locked in.

Lois then tackles a man, who is the same person with the camera outside the office. She struggles but in time is saved by Superman, who knocks him out of the hotel. Lana finally talks to Sarah, and the two share a heartwarming conversation. In the end, Clark allows Jordan to play, provided he keeps his powers in check. Clark volunteers to mentor him. The episode then closes with a woman killing a man in his car with fire blasting out of her eyes.

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