Superman and Lois Episode 6: What to Expect?

In this week’s episode of ‘Superman & Lois’ season 1, Lois is trying to get to the bottom of Derek’s case while digging information about Morgan Edge. At the same time, there is also someone trying to get close to her. If you’re curious about the episode, you can read our detailed recap at the bottom. But now, let us check out the synopsis for the upcoming episode – ‘Superman & Lois’ episode 6!

Superman & Lois Episode 6 Release Date

‘Superman & Lois’ episode 6 will release on May 18, 2021, at 9/8c on The CW. The show will return after a spring hiatus as it airs its next episode.

Where to Watch Superman & Lois Episode 6 Online?

If you want to watch ‘Superman & Lois’ episode 6 on TV, you can tune in to The CW at the above-mentioned timeslot. The episode will release a day later on The CW’s official website or The CW app, and you can stream the episode there. If you don’t have a cable connection, you can also watch the show on live TV websites like DirecTVYoutube TV, and Fubo TV. The latest episodes can also be purchased or rented on VOD platforms such as iTunesVudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Superman & Lois Episode 6 Spoilers

The upcoming episode of ‘Superman & Lois’ is called ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ It will let us deeper into Clark’s dynamic with Lex Luthor, and now that he is personally related to Lois, he has more reason to come after Superman. Jonathan might also start adjusting to life in Smallville. According to the trailer, Jordan will run into some difficulties with his powers and will try to keep them from his father, which will likely land him in trouble when General Lane comes after him. The promo also apparently hints at a team-up between Lois and Lana Lang. This could make for an intriguing dynamic as the pair will presumably take on Morgan Edge together. You can take a look at the promo for the episode below!

Superman & Lois Episode 5 Recap

The mid-season spring finale of ‘Superman & Lois’ is titled ‘The Best of Smallville,’ which showcases an annual tradition celebrating life in Smallville. Meanwhile, Lois and Chrissy are suspicious about Derek returning home without any idea about what happened earlier. There is also something fishy about Sharon Powell. Later, a fire springs up at the community center because Derek loses control of his powers.

Lois has more problems on her plate. Captain Luthor, disguised as a reporter, proposes an offer to take down Morgan Edge in front of Lois. Chrissy finds out about Derek doing business with Leslie Larr as she follows them into a building where she sees a potential weapon. Superman then shows up and fights Derek until Captain Luthor barges in. Derek somehow manages to escape.

Jordan and Sarah go on their first date while Jonathan gets dumped by Eliza. Jonathan loss his calm and crashes Jordan’s date before abusing Sarah. Clark comes to an agreement with Jonathan, who is willing to stay at Smallville as long as things don’t go wrong. Fans also get to witness another huge revelation about Captain Luthor. As his computer passes a comment about Lois Lane, we get to know that Lex Luthor and Lois Lane are married in his world.

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