What to Expect From Supernanny Season 8 Episode 18?

In a welcome change of events, ‘Supernanny’ season 8 has been dropping double doses of episodes — since its return on September 1, 2020. This week, we meet two more families. While one is dealing with unhealthy eating habits and tantrums, the other has a dad who refuses to grow up! Supernanny reaches the scene, alright! But is she able to deliver the much-needed happy endings? Find out in our recap section.

Now, if you are already done with episode 16 and 17, here is the thing. Sadly, the next week won’t be airing two episodes. Since the season is nearly reaching the end of its run, the creators have decided to spread out the stories a bit. We understand that you can’t want to see what the next week has in store for us! Let us get straight to the details!

When Will Supernanny Season 8 Episode 18?

‘Supernanny’ Season 8 Episode 18 is slated to release on September 22, 2020, at 8 pm EST and 7 pm CST. The eighth outing comprises 20 episodes.

Where to Stream Supernanny Season 8 Episode 18 Online?

You can watch the latest episodes of ‘Supernanny’ if you have a cable connection, by tuning in to Lifetime on your tv screens at the above time slot. You can also watch the released episodes online by logging into Lifetime’s official website. If you don’t have cable, there are several other options where you can stream the already-released episodes — popular among them being Philo TV, UPtv, and Direct TV. You can additionally catch seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

Supernanny Season 8 Episode 18 Spoilers:

Episode 18 introduces us to the Sutherland Family. We meet Justin and Amy, two overwhelmed and exhausted parents to a brood of children, who are all under 4 years old. To add to their woes, they both have to manage separate schedules.

Supernanny Season 8 Episode 16 And 17 Recap

The 16th episode introduces us to Angela and Dom Zampogna, two working parents for whom mealtimes are the most disastrous parts of the day. They have three kids and all of them have the pickiest palettes ever! What’s more? They are prone to eating only unhealthy food. This causes the children to act up and throw temper tantrums. To increase the couple’s problems, their youngest son Giuseppe still behaves like a toddler even though he is four years old.

Supernanny Jo Frost reaches the home of this Italian clan at just the right time. With her witty words and expert guidance, she drives sense into the kids. She even helps Giuseppe gain mental maturity and aids the fam in opting for healthier eating habits.

Episode 17 is about Megan and Jonathan Robertson who had started parenting in their teens. They are parents to four kids and still, the duo has never really grown up. While Jon is too busy playing video games, Megan is frustrated with doing everything on her own. Supernanny Jo Frost does not fail this time as well. With her pro tips, she manages to coerce the couple into following a set parenting schedule while sharing responsibilities.

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