Is ‘Superstition’ Canceled?

Funeral homes, mortuaries, and crematoriums are probably the most obvious sources of horror and I really wonder why they haven’t been explored much in movies and television series. The only popular project involving a funeral home, that I can think of, is the family drama, ‘Six Feet Under’ which is far from horror. ‘Superstition’ is a horror television series, created by Joel Anderson Thompson and Mario Van Peebles that originally aired on SyFy and focuses on a family that owns and runs a town’s only funeral home.

After finding out more about this television series, I felt its premise to be quite obvious. I mean, why would a horror television series not be set in a funeral home? It is the perfect place to derive endless stories of horror from, without making the show an anthology. Moreover, this way the principal characters can be retained much more realistically without having them always be on the road and getting into various supernatural conflicts in different places.

The series focuses on the Hastings family who owns and runs a funeral home in the town of La Rochelle, Georgia. La Rochelle proves to be a classic fictional, small town with its deep, hidden secrets and mysterious characters, most of whom have something or the other to hide. The Hastings family is also depicted to be the town’s keeper of secrets. Combining small-town mystery with horror is another glaringly simple yet relatively unexplored idea that is seen in ‘Superstition.’

Apart from providing normal, funeral services and protecting La Rochelle’s secrets, the Hastings family also takes care of people that have been killed by supernatural events. Basically, this additional service of theirs is somewhat like a posthumous exorcism. This service is referred to as “afterlife care” in the show. The family uses several supernatural and otherworldly skills for this service. They employ skills of alchemy, clandestine weaponry and other such occult methods derived from superstition and ancient mythology.

‘Superstition’ employs a format similar to “monster of the week” wherein a mysterious and supernatural force becomes the central conflict of each episode. However, there is also an overarching narrative that focuses on a supervillain known as “The Dredge” that the family deals with throughout the season.

The show contains a multitude of references to prominent works of horror and fantasy. For instance, the first episode refers to the characters of Sam and Dean from ‘Supernatural.’ Moreover, one of the episodes is titled ‘Through the Looking Glass’ while the finale is called ‘Jackie the Ripper’ referring to ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and the serial killer, Jack the Ripper respectively.

The series has been met with generally positive reviews from critics. Hence, those who have seen it might be wondering if there is going to be a second season and we’ve got the answer.

Superstition Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed

Unfortunately, despite the show’s average to positive reviews, it did not receive profitable television ratings when it aired on the speculative fiction channel, SyFy. A few months after the season finale had been aired, SyFy decided to cancel the show. Hence, ‘Superstition’ Season 2 stands canceled.

‘Superstition’ Season 1 began airing on October 20, 2017 and ended on January 25, 2018. It was canceled in June the next year. It had a very unimpressive viewership as well, with an average television rating of 0.09.

However, there might be a shred of hope for those who enjoyed the show. Netflix picked up ‘Superstition’ to be streamed internationally and that extra funding and interest might just mean that the show could make a glorious return.

That being said, the odds are against ‘Superstition.’ Its viewership has been extremely poor and its critical reception merely average to slightly positive, albeit not negative. As of now though, the official word is that ‘Superstition’ has been canceled.

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