Superstore S5 E14: Everything We Know

Superstore season 5 episode 21 finale.

The popular blue-collar comedy, ‘Superstore’ chronicles the lives of employees of various attributes, working at a mega store, which goes by the name, Cloud 9. ‘Superstore’ showcases the ups and downs in the lives of the employees, and the changing dynamics of the inter-personal relationships, as they deal with obstacles, weird customers, personal issues, and other developments, as a family.

The fifth season of ‘Superstore’ premiered on September 26, 2019. The show returned from a mid-season break on January 9, 2020. So far, ‘Superstore’ season 5 has blessed the fans with a lot of things.

In this season, we see employees dealing with the aftermath of the precipitous acquisition of Cloud 9; a change in the hierarchy, leading to rifts between some employees; the return of Dina’s estranged father; Sandra’s wedding planning; the real-life loss of our beloved Myrtle (Linda Porter) and last but not the least, we witness Jonah, spearheading a men’s rights movement.

You must be wondering about what goes down in the latest episode, well, allow us to help you with that. However, first, let us walk you through when and where to watch the upcoming episode of ‘Superstore.’ As an added bonus, we will also give you a quick recap on episode 13.

When is Superstore Season 5 Episode 14 Release Date?

‘Superstore’ season 5 episode 14 premieres on Thursday, January 30, 2020, at 8 pm ET, on NBC.

The upcoming episode has been titled ‘Sandra’s Wedding.’

Episode 14 showcases the moment we have all been waiting for. Sandra and Jerry are finally tying the knot! Jonah takes up the responsibility of assisting the caterers, while Dina is in charge of managing the security. But as usual, things go south and as Sandra’s big day is about to get ruined, Amy, the savior, comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Garrett is striving to nail his Best Man toast, while Mateo struggles with relationship complications.

Where to Watch Superstore Season 5 Episode 14 Online?

You can watch the ‘Superstore’ season 5 episode 14 by tuning to NBC at the above-mentioned time. You can also catch the show on NBC’s official website and also on the NBC app.

If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the show on Hulu, Direct TV, and Fubo TV.  ‘Superstore’ is also available as a VOD service on YouTube TV. You can also purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime.

Superstore Season 5 Episode 13 Recap:

‘Superstore’ season 5 Episode 13 is titled ‘Favoritism.’

In episode 13, the employees accuse Amy of favoritism when she chooses Mateo as an assistant to lend a hand at work. Because of the building pressure, Amy caves in and gives up the idea of having an assistant altogether. Will things at Cloud 9 ever be normal?

On one end, Sandra gets entangled in Glenn and Dina’s power struggle, over their newest positions. If you remember, Glenn is now the floor supervisor while Dina has assumed the position of an assistant manager. So naturally, things are not good between them. Oh, poor Sandra.

Meanwhile, Garett’s casual remark doesn’t go well with Jonah, who tries really hard to show Garett, that he is still the man. Well, we all know how that ends.