Survivor Season 40: Premiere Date and Cast

‘Survivor’, the insanely popular reality tv series, is a sub-part of the equally successful international eponymous franchise. What happens here is, a team of certain hardy and daring individuals, who rarely know one another, are placed in a remote, isolated location.

Here, they have to fend for themselves, starting from basic necessities such as food, fire, and shelter. After a series of challenges, which gives them immunity, the last man/woman standing is crowned as the “Sole Survivor” and takes home a grand of US$1,000,000.

The survival series premiered almost two decades back in 2000 on CBS. Ranked among the top-watched shows in the US and a winner of multiple awards, including the Emmys, it has spanned 39 remarkable seasons to date. The good news is that the show has already renewed for a season 40 and here are the full details about it.

Survivor Season 40 Cast

Since its launch, ‘Survivor’ has been hosted by Jeff Probst, who also serves as one of the executive producers. Probst will be resuming his duties in season 40 as well.

Each season of ‘Survivor’ is based on a particular theme and is titled accordingly. For instance, season 39 is named ‘Survivor: Island of Idols’ and it takes place in Fiji. It features 20 contestants and returning winners — Sandra Diaz-Twine from ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands’ and ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ and Rob Mariano from ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’. They do not compete for the prize but instead, serve as mentors for the new players.

Season 40, which is titled ‘Survivor: Winners at War’, will see 20 players, who are winners from past seasons. This all-winners season is a tribute to the show’s 20th anniversary and it is for the first time in history that it will feature an all-inclusive cast, comprising only former champions from its preceding installments.

Here’s the full list of cast of season 40: Ethan Zohn (Survivor Africa), Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor Pearl Islands & Survivor Heroes vs. Villains), Amber Brkich Mariano (Survivor All-Stars), Danni Boatwright (Survivor Guatemala), Yul Kwon (Survivor Cook Islands), Parvati Shallow (Survivor Micronesia), Rob Mariano (Survivor Redemption Island), Sophie Clarke (Survivor South Pacific), Kim Spradlin (Survivor One World), and Denise Stapley (Survivor Philippines).

Joining them are Rachel Foulger (Survivor Blood vs. Water), Tony Vlachos (Survivor Cagayan), Natalie Anderson (Survivor San Juan Del Sur), Jeremy Collins (Survivor Cambodia), Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor Kaôh Rōng), Adam Klein (Survivor Millennials vs. Gen. X), Sarah Lacina (Survivor: Game Changers), Ben Driebergen (Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers), Wendell Holland (Survivor: Ghost Island), and Nick Wilson (Survivor David vs. Goliath).

Survivor Season 40 Theme

‘Survivor’ follows a similar format across all its seasons. A group of players is placed in a remote location, usually having a tropical climate, for around 39 days. They are dropped off with minimal supplies and they have to survive with what they have. The players are divided into two tribes and regularly subjected to tough mental and physical challenges, where they have to partake in order to receive rewards or gain immunity. At the end of each episode, they attend the tribal council, where one member is eliminated via a vote-out.

After the crew is narrowed down to three, the final tribal council votes, which player should be crowned as the “Sole Survivor” and he/she wins the grand prize of $1 million.

In the 40th season, which has an all-winner theme, the players will be divided into two tribes — red and blue — with each tribe having 10 members, five men and five women. One tribe consists of Amber, Kim, Sandra, Sarah, Sophie, Nick, Tony, Tyson, Wendell, and Yul while the other includes Adam, Ben, Ethan, Jeremy, Rob, Danni, Denise, Michele, Natalie, and Parvati.

Additionally, the prize money will be doubled, i.e this time, the gameplay will have a whopping $2 million at stake!

There are some twists that would be introduced to the format. First, Edge of Extinction will make a comeback. This means players who are voted out are given a chance for redemption. They can choose to go to the Edge of Extinction and will be able to remain with the jury. Eventually, they might also have a chance to play for the prize money.

Secondly, ‘Winners at War’ will have a newly introduced currency system in place. Regarding this, Inside Survivor had reported, “…at the start of the game, each player is given a certain amount of Survivor ‘money.’ This money can then be exchanged for rewards, comfort items, and advantages throughout the season. When a player is voted out, they must will their money and any purchased items to another player still in the game, much like the Legacy Advantage.”

Survivor Season 40 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Survivor’ season 39 or ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ premiered on September 25, 2019, on CBS. After airing for 14 episodes, it wrapped up on December 18, 2019.

‘Survivor’ season 40 or ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ has already been renewed and is slated to premiere on February 12, 2020, at 8 PM ET. This is the earliest any of its spring seasons have debuted since 2013. The inaugural episode sets off with a two-hour premiere, with two back-to-back episodes of one hour each. After that, it will fall back to its regular schedule of airing one hour-long episode each Wednesday at the same time slot of 8 PM ET.

The season’s filming took place in Fiji from March-May 2019. However, because of the controversy regarding season 39, CBS has officially stated that they “recognize there are things we could have done differently”. Season 40 will hence, have new rules in place to prohibit sexual harassment and gender bias from being “part of gameplay.” Season 40’s contestants were also warned about “personal space” and “inappropriate behavior” according to CBS.

Survivor Trailer

You can watch the official trailer for season 40 below:

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