Swagger Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers

‘Swagger’ delves into the world of youth basketball and follows the incredible story of high school athlete Jace Carson, who dreams of playing in the NBA. After a tumultuous few days in the local rankings, the budding star basketball player finally finds his groove and pushes his team to a massive victory in episode 3. Things also seem to be looking up for Jace on the popularity front, and a meeting with an NBA star leaves our hero star-struck and rearing to go. However, there are definite complications on the horizon, and the upcoming episode is going to be a doozy! Here’s everything we know about ‘Swagger’ episode 4.

Swagger Episode 4 Release Date

‘Swagger’ episode 4 is set to premiere on November 5, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. The first three episodes released simultaneously on October 29, 2021, and subsequent episodes of the sports drama series are scheduled to release every Friday till the season finale on December 17, 2021. In total, season 1 has 10 hour-long episodes.

Where To Stream Swagger Episode 4 Online?

‘Swagger’ episode 4 will be available exclusively on the Apple streaming platform— Apple TV+. All-new episodes, as well as previously released episodes, are available on the streaming service. Apple TV+ also offers a 7-day free trial that you can use to check out the show.

Swagger Episode 4 Spoilers

Episode 4 is titled ‘We Good?’ and will likely see Jace’s first step into mainstream popularity. The shoutout on social media by an NBA player is going to make the young athlete all the more recognizable. However, as is already evident, the rest of the team is unhappy about being left on the sidelines. The upcoming episode is going to likely have a dramatic face-off between Jace and the rest of his team and might end with the star player being humbled.

Of course, there is a chance that Jace decides to switch teams in anger. Things will likely also worsen between him and coach Ike when the former finds out that the latter turned down the sponsorship deal from the famous NBA player who seems to be Jace’s idol.

Swagger Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3, titled ‘Mano a Mano,’ finds Jace facing off with the DMV local rank 1 player Nick Mendez. We are briefly introduced to Nick’s backstory and are shown how his mother is as dedicated as Jenna to see her son succeed at basketball. Throughout the episode, the two young athletes show just how badly they want to win, which results in an intense match when they finally face each other on the court. In the end, Jace’s team wins, but Nick’s team is the one that seemingly gets a sponsorship deal from an athletics apparel company. Our hero’s team and coach are also not impressed by Jace’s showboating during the match, leaving him angry and frustrated despite having won.

Meanwhile, Ike discusses a potential sponsorship deal with a former teammate who is now a famous NBA player. Despite being offered an enviable salary and a significant boost to his team’s finances and popularity, Ike feels uncomfortable accepting the deal. The episode closes with the coach realizing his old teammate is still petty and untrustworthy, rejecting the deal, and walking out.

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