Who is Swan on ‘The Masked Singer’? Clues and Guesses

Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer‘ has kept turning heads over the seasons. In Season 3, the show has grown larger than ever, which has required the participants to be divided into three groups. We have witnessed powerful performances from Groups A and B.

As Group C takes the stage, we are left wondering about who might be behind the masks. One performer who has raised questions is Swan. With an outfit revelation and not much more, we are in the dark when it comes to the character’s identity. However, to satiate your curiosity, we have all the clues and guesses about Swan’s identity, below.

Clues About Swan:

Not much is evident from the Swan’s outfit. We see the character in a stream and understand that the participant just ‘swan-na’ party. The elaborate costume is accompanied by the message that a little birdie announced Swan’s participation in Season 3.

However, going by the partying clue, it seems that Swan is eager to bring the fun to the stage. Moreover, from the outfit, it appears that Swan is not too tall, and also seems to have a feminine build. You can check out the post, introducing Swan, below.

Guesses About Swan:

Going by the clue about having fun, many fans have surmised that Cyndi Lauper might be behind the Swan outfit. However, a much more likely guess is that Bjork is the Swan. Not only does the singer from Iceland have the vocal range to pull off great performances, but she has also been spotted wearing a swan dress at the Oscars. The incident took place in 2001 and became an iconic moment, which is what the singer might be trying to recreate through this choice of outfit.

It would be interesting to note here that panelist Ken Jeong has guessed several masked singers to be Bjork, in the past, and might be in for a pleasant surprise. A Reddit thread has posited that Jessica Simpson might be Swan. According to a fan, the short legs of the Swan outfit match Simpson’s.

Moreover, she named her youngest daughter Birdie, which might be connected to the outfit. Fans have also reasoned that Jessica recently overcame some drug problems, and might be looking to get back into the business. Thus, ‘The Masked Singer’ might serve as the perfect platform, where she wants to reinvent herself.

As you can see, there aren’t many clues about Swan, which is why some fans have moved on to crazier guesses. Some believe that it might be Kelly Rowland behind the mask, while one fan has pointed out that RuPaul might be in the Swan costume.

Among these guesses, one stands out, for being possible, although unlikely. Some fans believe that Natalie Portman might be wearing the outfit. It is not hard to draw the connection to ‘Black Swan‘, where Portman delivered an excellent performance. Moreover, she has a good singing voice as well, which we get to see in ‘Vox Lux’.

That being said, Portman is an extremely busy actress with incredible star power. Thus, it does not seem likely that we will get to see her on the stage of ‘The Masked Singer’ anytime soon. For now, these are all the clues and guesses that we have about Swan’s identity.

Admittedly, it is not much to go on, but to be fair, we have not received a single clue package yet. Once Swan gets up on stage, we will get to know more about the performer from the clues, and their renditions. This is when we will be able to narrow down on, or revise our guesses, about Swan’s identity. So, stay tuned for updates about ‘The Masked Singer’.

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