Taco Chronicles Season 3: Everything We Know

A love letter to the legendary tacos — Netflix’s ‘Taco Chronicles’ is a Spanish docuseries that gives a deep insight into the history and little-known facts of Mexico’s favorite street food. The stylish, informative show, which serves as an ode to tacos, is created by Pablo Cruz.

Celebrating the people who make and devour these traditional, hand-sized delicacies, ‘Taco Chronicles’ compels you to ditch your at-home dinner plans and head out to grab the almost perfect titular bites. Lending an unfiltered look into the cultural impact of tacos, both the seasons of this Netflix original opened to rave reviews. So, let’s now tackle the next inevitable question — will there be a ‘Taco Chronicles’ season 3? Time to dive right in!

Taco Chronicles Season 3 Release Date:

‘Taco Chronicles’ season 2 premiered on September 15, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of seven episodes. In terms of content, the documentary holds the potential of spawning multiple seasons — thanks to the endless varieties of the highlighted dish. Not to mention, it captures everything that makes the taco such a special meal. When you consider the response, ‘Taco Chronicles’ has quickly progressed to become a culinary favorite among foodies. So, yes, after factoring in the above elements, we are highly optimistic that the show will be renewed. ‘Taco Chronicles’ season 3 is most likely to release sometime in late 2021.

What is Taco Chronicles About?

‘Taco Chronicles’ does not have a cast per se. Director Carlos Perez’s filming crew scours legendary taco corners and captures the featured footage on-camera. The team highlights standout taquerias that specialize in various taco styles — scattered in Mexico, the Southwestern U.S., and Japan. We also meet the farmers who grow the required ingredients and the artisans who create the specialized pots used to cook the dish.

Coupled with spectacular food photography and sweeping drone footage, the format additionally includes commentary from food experts, chefs, and restaurateurs. Regular people are showcased in the show as they share their experiences, revolving around tacos. A panel of voiceover actors personifies the particular tacos, serving as the narrator in each episode.

Season 2 introduces us to seven variants of tacos — Suadero, Cochinita, Cabrito, American Taco, Burrito, Birria, and Pescado. The episodes dive deep into the origin of the featured taco-style and its traditional method of preparation. The narration then covers the fancy, modern renditions of the highlighted taco. For instance, the second season takes us to Baja’s fish taco stand, Guadalajara’s Estadio Jalisco, Yucatan Peninsula, Northeast Mexico, and Monterrey, among others.

Season 3 will follow the same format while throwing the limelight on several new taco variations. The episodes will continue to narrate the tacos’ histories, coupled with characterizations, regional lingo, and papercraft animations.

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