Who is Taco on ‘The Masked Singer’? New Clues, Guesses

It might not be Taco Tuesday for everyone, but that surely won’t stop us from talking about the spicy contestant on ‘The Masked Singer‘, whose elusive clues, and stellar performances, have left us wanting more. From the very moment Taco’s outfit was introduced, we have been baffled by this sassy and confident performer.

Having heard Taco’s take on Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, and Elvis Presley’s ‘Bossa Nova Baby’, we have been left wondering who might be inside that Taco shell. Curious to know for yourself? We have all the clues and guesses surrounding Taco’s identity. However, first, you can go through the new clue package to see if anything jumps out at you. The previous clue package has been attached here.

Clues About Taco:

Taco’s first clue package tells us that he has been a comforting part of our lives for a long time. We get to see VHS tapes, a trolley, and a ship anchor. In the second package, Taco states that he had some issues with anger until the love of his life helped him keep emotions in check.

We happen to see a toupee and are given a glimpse of the Gemini constellation when we see images of the galaxy. The Taco also makes references to being the last man standing, and says ‘To Enchiladas and Beyond’. After the second performance, Taco reveals that he used to be the class clown, and was sent to the cupboard for being mischievous, once. However, he actually liked it, because he didn’t have to be present in class.

Guesses About Taco:

Based on these clues, many fans believe Taco to be comedian Tim Allen. This is because of the Buzz Lightyear reference, about going ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. Fans believe that the ‘Toy Story‘ actor could be behind the Taco mask. Notably, Allen has also appeared in ‘Last Man Standing‘, which Taco refers to, in his clue package as well.

Lastly, a fan has also stated that Allen had revealed the class story in an interview previously. You can check out the tweet below. Therefore, for now, Allen seems to be a pretty solid guess.


Tom Bergeron is also a popular guess. He is notorious for his sense of humor and was the host of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ for 14 years, explaining the VHS tapes in the clue package. The trolley car might be a reference to the song he recorded for a Mister Rogers tribute album. Titled “Some Things I Don’t Understand”, the song proves that Tom can sing.

If all this does not convince you, then here is a photo of Tom wearing an apron saying Tom’s Tacos. Thus, this seems like another well made guess.

Lastly, the second clue package has led some fans, as well as panelists Ken Jeong, and Nicole, to deduce that Alec Baldwin might be behind the Taco outfit. After all, the references to being in the industry for a long time would fit the star, who is also known for his sense of humor.

Moreover, Baldwin also has quite a temper, which Taco refers to in the second clue package. Some fans also believe that Taco sounds like Baldwin. You can check out the relevant tweet below.


Since the Taco has gone on to the next round, we will get an additional clue package in the upcoming episode, which should help us narrow it down even further. However, for now, the guesses are rather well thought out, but we have a feeling there is a greater chance of Taco being Tom or Allen, rather than Baldwin. Only time will tell!

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