When Will Tales From the Loop Return to Amazon Prime?

Tales from the Loop Season 2

After years of marveling at his artwork and Tabletop RPG sessions, fans of Simon Stålenhag received a delightful surprise when Amazon Studios dropped ‘Tales from the Loop,’ a science fiction drama series based on the eponymous art-book by Simon, in March 2020. It focuses on the strange occurrences in a town and its effects on the lives of its people, because of a high-tech machine called Loop.

The show was well-received by the audiences and critics for striking a perfect balance between intellectuality and sentiments, its hauntingly beautiful score, and astounding visuals that stay true to the source material. Naturally, fans are anxiously awaiting news on when will ‘Tales from the Loop’ season 2 release. Here’s everything we know.

Tales from the Loop Season 2 Release Date

‘Tales from the Loop’ season 1 released in its entirety on April 3, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. It comprises eight episodes of 55-60 minutes each.

If you’re wondering about season 2, here’s something that might cheer you up. In a conversation with Vanity Fair, Showrunner Nathaniel Halpern spoke about the show’s return. He said, “The Loop itself is essentially a storytelling generating device. It’s somewhat endless what you can do with it, so I would love to have a second season.”

In another interview, Halpern hinted at a possible second season by saying that season 1 doesn’t even begin to capture Simon’s artistic legacy. Now, if the network sees the potential and renews the show, we can expect ‘Tales from the Loop’ season 2 to release sometime in Fall 2021, on Amazon Prime Video.

Tales from the Loop Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of the season 1 comprises Rebecca Hall as Loretta, Daniel Zolghadri as Jakob, Tyler Barnhardt as Danny Jansson, Paul Schneider as George, Jonathan Pryce as Russ, Abby Ryder Fortson as Young Loretta, Duncan Joiner as Cole, Ato Essandoh as Gaddis, Nicole Law as May, Jane Alexander as Klara, Tyler Barnhardt as Danny Jansson Shane Carruth, Roger Clown as Lenny, Stefanie Estes as Sarah, Tatiana Latreille as Lauren, Christin Park as Stacey, among others.

Since it’s an anthology series, season 2 might feature an entirely new cast. However, there’s a slight possibility that some actors may return to essay a different character in the second season.

Tales from the Loop Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Set in Mercer, Ohio, the show follows the lives of the residents across multiple timelines and dimensions as they co-exist in a town encapsulated by the mysterious technological happenings, which are a result of the experiments of the underground science facility called Loop. Each episode gives life to one artwork from Simon’s collection. The show is in a similar vein as David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Devs’ and ‘Black Mirror.’

Throughout the season, we see multiple stories – A curious girl embarks upon a quest to unravel the enigmatic undertakings of her mother’s workplace; two teens stumble across a startling revelation in the woods; a teenage girl who doesn’t want an endearing moment with her loved one to end; and many others. Although every episode showcases a different story, they’re all connected to the central narrative, the Loop.

As it’s an anthology series, season 2 might showcase different artworks from Simon’s books, affixing it to new characters and storylines. It can also take cues from the sequel to its source material – Things from the Flood.

Tales from the Loop Trailer

As we wait for an official update on ‘Tales from the Loop’ season 2, check out the trailer of season 1!

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