Ted Nugent Net Worth

How much is Ted Nugent worth? $20 Million

How did Ted Nugent earn his money and wealth?

Ted Nugent was born on December 13, 1948. He is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and activist. Nugent. till date has released more than 35 albums and has sold around 30 million records. Nugent came into limelight in 1970, when he released his albums using Fender amps and the hollow-body Gibson Byrdland guitar. He had started his career much earlier in 1958 otherwise. Nugent has been touring annually since 1967, performing in more than 400 shows per year during 1967-73 and also performed in many concerts during the period of 1990-1999.

Nugent signed to Epic Records in 1975. Derek St. Holmes (guitar, vocals), Rob Grange (bass) and Clifford Davies (drums) were the primary additional band members for his 1970s multi-platinum albums: Ted Nugent (1975), Free-for-All (1976) and Cat Scratch Fever (1977). These albums produced the popular anthems for the radio including “Cat Scratch Fever”, Hey Baby”, “Dog Eat Dog” etc. During these three years, Nugent started gaining recognition and fame and become popular as the guitarist.

In 1978, the band released their live album, Double Live Gonzo! and got separated in the same year when two of members of the band departed. Those two members, St. Holmes and Grange were later replaced by Charlie Huhn and Dave Kiswiney. Davies left the band in 1982 after recording Scream Dream, Intensities in 10 Cities, State of Shock, and Weekend Warriors. In 1979, Ted conducted the radio program King Biscuit Flower Hour. In 1997, the album was released of his program.

In 1995, Nugent released his solo album, Spirit of the Wild, one of his best solo albums of all times. He also hosted a radio show in Detroit on WWBR-FM. He also directed and created TV shows for various networks; The Outdoor Channel, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on PBS, Wanted: Ted or Alive on Versus, and, as well as Surviving Nugent on VH1. In 2005, he went on the music tour along with singer, songwriter Toby Keith. He met with Toby in Iraq during the concert where both were performing in USO-sponsored shows for the coalition troops. In the summer season of 2007-2008, he performed with musician Alex Winston.

In 2008, Ted Nugent played his 6,000th concert at the DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan. He hit the mike with his bandmates like Johnny Bee Badanjek (drummer for Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels), Joe Podorsek (guitar teacher), and Derek St. Holmes (original singer for the Ted Nugent band).

What are the most popular appearances of Ted Nugent?

  1.       Ted Nugent (1975)
  2.       Free-for-All (1976)
  3.       Cat Scratch Fever (1977)
  4.       Weekend Warriors (1978)
  5.       State of Shock (1979)
  6.       Scream Dream (1980)
  7.       Nugent (1982)
  8.       Penetrator (1984)
  9.       Little Miss Dangerous (1986)
  10.       If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…Lick ‘Em (1988)
  11.       Spirit of the Wild (1995)
  12.       Craveman (2002)
  13.       Love Grenade (2007)
  14.       Shutup & Jam! (2014)

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