Preview: Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Episode 5

The 4th episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ season 10 that landed this Tuesday follows Kailyn after she hears from her estranged mother. Briana finally receives the results of her STI test while Jade graduates beauty school. However, Jade cannot enjoy fully as she needs to handle some family issues. Chelsea advises Aubree when she decides to invite Adam to the father and daughter dance. Well, for more details, you can check out our recap section. But before that, here is a quick preview of the next episode.

Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Episode 5 Release Date:

‘Teen Mom 2’ season 10 episode 5 will release on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT, on MTV.

Where to Stream Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Episode 5 Online?

The 10th season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ will drop new episodes every Tuesday evening at 8 pm ET on MTV. If you already have the channel as a part of your cable subscription, simply tune in to your television at the above time slot and watch the latest episodes without any spoilers. Episodes, after their tv release, also land on MTV’s official site for online streaming. The next go-to option is to choose any of the cable-free, live-streaming services. Some of the popular platforms are Directv, Fubo TV, Philo TV, and Sling TV.

You can additionally rent full seasons or single episodes on Amazon Prime Video. The first eight seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ can be watched on CBS All Access. 

Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Kailyn’ receives a call from her mom who tells her that her grandma has expired. Kailyn replies that she is fine and she already knows. She asks her mum to be more consistent and present in her life. Chelsea gets frozen yogurt and spends some quality time with her daughter. Cole stays back home with the baby. The mother-duo meets Chelsea’s friend and they discuss if the youngster should get a phone. Later, Chelsea also talks to Cole about their daughter getting a phone. Meanwhile, Jade is staying with her parents and eventually gets the news that she has graduated from her beauty school. She meets with her mom and daughter for dinner. She tells how she dreams of owing salons all over the globe.

Leah is back from Costa Rica. She is planning to spend some time with her girls over the weekend. Briana attends her daughter’s gymnastics tournament. Kailyn is devastated after speaking to her mother since she realized over the call that her mum was not sober. On the day of Jade’s graduation, her friends and family reach her school to celebrate. But her mum Kloe has not arrived yet. Briana calls up Planned Parenthood for her STI results and discovers she has chlamydia. When she informs her family, they are angry that Luis is so careless. Briana is furious! Jade eventually calls up her mother and they have an argument over phone. Finally, Jade’s mother reaches the venue after more than an hour. And she walks with her daughter to receive her diploma.

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