Will There be a The Alienist Season 3?

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Episode 1 and 2

‘The Alienist’ is TNT’s acclaimed period drama, based on the books by Caleb Carr. The thriller had originally debuted as a limited show but owing to the massive response received from fans, the creators decided to make a sequel, based on Carr’s written follow-up to his first novel from the Kreizler series. Titled ‘Angel of Darkness’, the second season managed to garner a warm response as well. But since it ended after quite a brief run, fans were left wondering if there is any scope for ‘The Alienist’ to spawn another outing. Well, we might have some good news in store!

The Alienist Season 3 Release Date:

‘The Alienist’ Season 2 aka ‘The Alienist: Angel of Darkness’ released on July 19, 2020, on TNT. After airing two back-to-back episodes on Sundays, it ended with its eighth episode on August 9, 2020. As of now, the channel has not officially announced the show’s renewal. But the crew did tease about the chances of the next edition. During the TCA panel, held just before the second season’s 2-part finale, showrunner Stuart Carolan said: “We need to wait for Caleb Carr to write a third book. My understanding is that he is writing the third book so you just have to wait and see” — as reported by Deadline.

Now, when it comes to the Kreizler book series, the already-published next novel is ‘Surrender, New York’. But here, the events take place in contemporary NYC. So if TNT adapts this particular book to tv, it will serve more like a spinoff rather than a continuation of the current narration in the show. We won’t meet any of the present protagonists. The story will revolve around Dr. Trajan Jones, who is, however, inspired by Dr. Laszlo Kreizler. So, our fan-favorite characters can only appear in flashbacks.

Therefore, going by Carolan’s words, we need to wait for Carr to finish his current novel, set in the same timeline as the other two installments from the show. Once a new season is commissioned, we can expect ‘The Alienist’ Season 3 to premiere not earlier than 2022. A longer timeline is a no-brainer, considering the fact that the book on which it might be based is not out yet.

The Alienist Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Daniel Brühl stars as Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist in the late 1800s NYC, who investigates brutal crimes in the city. Robert Ray Wisdom plays Cyrus Montrose (Kreizler’s valet) and Luke Evans essays the character of cartoonist and illustrator, John Schuyler Moore. Douglas Smith stars as Marcus Isaacson (an NYPD detective sergeant), Matthew Shear as Lucius Isaacson (Marcus’ detective twin), and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard (the first woman in history to work with the NYPD). In season 3, the entire Kreizler team is expected to make a comeback.

The Alienist Season 3 Plot: What Can it be About?

Season 2 of ‘The Alienist’ revolves around a baby kidnapper, who also happens to be a child murderer. After multiple homicides, attempted murders, and dark secrets, Laszlo Kreizler, Sara Howard, and John Moore are able to track her down in the end. As the crew closes the case, Kreizler leaves for Vienna, and John and Sara separate since John’s fiance is expecting. Since each season delivers a self-contained story, the next edition will embrace a different case. The central mystery will depend on whatever plotline Caleb Carr comes up with for his new book. But the lingering personal dramas should continue in the potential third installment.

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