Where to Stream The Angry Birds Movie?

If you are familiar with the ‘Angry Birds’ game, you must have heard of ‘The Angry Birds Movie’, which is a computer-animated movie based on the popular game. With advancements in animation technology, the movies are faring better each day, especially since they can combine deep messages with stunning visuals. ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ manages to be informative and fun at the same time, making use of an ensemble cast of voice actors to breathe life into the favorite characters from the game. Although the film was not too well-received critically, it went on to become a commercial success. In fact, there has been a sequel titled ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’, which released in August 2019, and was much more critically praised.

But now you must be wondering where you can catch ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. We are here to tell you, but before that, let us walk you through the story.

What is The Angry Birds Movie About?

In ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ we meet Red, a temperamental bird living on Bird Island, whose other residents lead an angerless life. When Red’s temper causes an egg to hatch prematurely, he is given the maximum punishment of anger management classes. There he meets two other birds with anger issues. One can move at hypervelocity and is called Chuck, while the other, Bomb, can cause explosions. They try to become friends with Red but he avoids them.

Meanwhile, a boat arrives on the island, damaging Red’s house. It carries green-colored pigs, led by Leonard, their captain. He claims to have come in peace and soon befriends the birds. They also introduce the birds to a host of innovations, including a giant slingshot. While the island’s residents are taken in by the peaceful explorers, Red retains his doubts. As a result, during a party, he goes to check out the boat that the pigs arrived in. However, when he returns to the party, he is booed and asked to leave the pigs alone.

Still unsatisfied, Red takes help from Chuck and Bomb and go to see Mighty Eagle. He is the island’s protector and the only bird that can fly. He has also not been seen for many years. When Red and his friends find Mighty Eagle, the reason becomes abundantly clear. On top of Bird Mountain, the overweight protector resides, but it turns out that he is somewhat of a slacker and has not flown in years. He refuses to help Red. However, time seems to be running out as Red discovers the pigs planting dynamite all around the island. The other birds are distracted by a rave party. Red and his friends arrive too late to issue a warning as the pigs manage to get away in their boat and detonate the explosives, destroying the village. The birds apologize to Red and they build a boat from the rubble, taking the fight to Piggy Island.

The birds discover that King Leonard Mudbeard is their king and he has a wall built around the city. The pigs have also taken some eggs from the birds that must be rescued. This is where the movie’s plot most resembles the game. The birds make use of the sling to knock themselves into the buildings on Piggy Island, destroying them. Red faces off against Leonard, trying to rescue the eggs. Mighty Eagle also comes to the rescue and flies away with the eggs before an explosion takes place from the leftover dynamite. Thankfully, Red and the one remaining egg are protected by the very pot the pigs planned to cook the eggs in. The explosion does not affect the two but destroys the pigs’ city. Upon returning to Bird Island, Red is greeted as a hero and the eggs hatch to reveal three small blue birds. Red moves in with Chuck and Bomb, while Mighty Eagle proves that he is still the island’s protector. It is later revealed that the pigs have survived as well, with Leonard planning something else.

In the mid-credit scene of the movie, the three blue birds are shown to launch themselves towards the ocean from the sling, indicating that they might very well be joining the team of angry birds in the upcoming movie. Now, without further ado, let us tell you where you can watch ‘The Angry Birds Movie’.

In the sequel, titled ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’, we see the pigs and birds forced to unite against a common enemy as the Mighty Eagle’s scorned lover from Eagle Island decides to attack both Bird Island and Piggy Island, to force the inhabitants to evacuate. In the course of the movie, Red comes to terms with the fact that being a hero is not as important as being a decent individual and more happily, he finds love by the end of the movie.

Is The Angry Birds Movie on Netflix?

Netflix is considered to be a premier service provider because of its extensive library which can cater to the diverse taste of the viewers. Netflix’s animation content is particularly strong. Though ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is not on Netflix, you can check out ‘Coco‘, which is a wonderful animated film teaching the importance of family and culture. ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ is not on the platform either, but if you want to catch a glimpse of how families can come together to be heroes, check out ‘Incredibles 2‘.

Is The Angry Birds Movie on Hulu?

Hulu has an amazing collection of movies and television shows and the platform keeps adding to its content all the time, in order to stay ahead of competitors. Though ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is not on Hulu, you can enjoy excellent animated content like ‘Shrek‘. ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ is not out on the platform either, but if you want to catch a movie where one individual rises to the challenge to try and be a hero, you can watch ‘Hercules‘.

Is The Angry Birds Movie on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has a fantastic collection of films and television shows, that is perhaps only beaten by Netflix. Though ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is not available to Prime subscribers as is, you can rent or buy and watch the movie on the platform. The SD version costs $2.99 to rent and $12.99 to buy, while the HD version costs $3.99 to rent and $13.99 to buy. We recommend renting the HD version. Check it out here. ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ is not on Amazon Prime yet and you have to wait a while for it to be available.

Where Can I Stream The Angry Birds Movie Online?

No subscriptions to the major streaming platforms? No worries. Head over to FXNow in order to stream ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. Of course, you need to have a subscription to the platform beforehand, in order to stream it.

Unfortunately, ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ is not available elsewhere for streaming and you have to wait for it to come out on one of the platforms.

Is The Angry Birds Movie 2 Out on DVD and BluRay?

Sorry, but ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ is not yet out on DVD and BluRay. It is scheduled to come out in November 2019. However, we can understand if you cannot wait that long. In that case, pre-order your copy of the film here.

Where Can I Watch The Angry Birds Movie Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, there is no legal way for you to stream and watch ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ yet. You have to wait until it arrives on one of the platforms with a free trial period.

In case you want to check out ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’, you still have to wait for it to arrive on platforms allowing free streaming. However, the film does happen to be running in some theaters, so you can try and catch it there. But we would like to urge all our readers to pay for any art that they consume.

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