The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3: What to Expect?

‘The Aquatope on White Sand’ or ‘Shiroi Suna no Aquatope’ is a slice-of-life original TV anime. It revolves around two young women, Kukuru Misakino and Fuuka Miyazawa, and how significantly they change each other’s life. Fuuka has always wanted to be an idol, but she flees to Okinawa from Tokyo when that dream doesn’t materialize. A chance encounter leads her to GamaGama Aquarium. She meets Kukuru Misakino, a high school student who serves as the acting director of the aquarium. All of Kukuru’s dreams center around the aquarium, which she desperately tries to save from closing. Inspired by the strong belief that Kukuru has in her dreams, Fuuka decides to help her in every way possible.

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3 Release Date

‘The Aquatope on White Sand’ episode 3, titled ‘Tropical Fish in Boots,’ is set to release on July 23, 2021, in Japan. The episode will be available at various times on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, MBS, and RBC. Studio P.A. Works developed the series, with Toshiya Shinohara helming the directorial team and Yuuko Kakihara leading the writing staff. Yoshiaki Dewa provided the music, and Yuki Akiyama and U35 handled the character designs. ARCANA PROJECT sang the opening theme track “Tayutae, Nanairo,” while Mia REGINA sang the ending theme track, “Tsukiumi no Yurikago.”

Where to Watch the Aquatope on White Sand Season 1 Online?

Viewers outside Asia can catch the episodes on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese subtitles on the same day they air in Japan. The episodes are also available on VRV. In certain regions of Asia, the episodes can be watched on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel and Bilibili.

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3 Spoilers

In episode 2, after her work is done, Kukuru takes Fuuka to meet her grandfather, the original director of the aquarium. Kukuru’s grandparents accept Fuuka with open arms and let her stay with them. That night, Fuuka lies to her family, telling them on the phone that she is staying with a friend. Meanwhile, Kukuru speaks to her friends about the astronomical cost of the modifications that she wants to do at the aquarium. It is revealed that Kukuru and Fuuka have to share a room from now on. Kukuru asks the other girl where she would have gone if she hadn’t gotten the job at the aquarium, prompting the other girl to answer earnestly, “Anywhere.”

The following morning, Fuuka struggles on her first day at work. Kukuru tells her that she must not come to work wearing nail polish. Later, Fuuka panics when the penguins become unruly during feeding time. Two loan sharks come to meet Kukuru to offer her money for the struggling aquarium, but she rejects them. On their way out, they accidentally break the aquarium’s signboard, prompting Fuuka’s to chase them off. Later, Kukuru tells Fuuka that she can stay as long as she wants. The episode ends as Fuuka speaks to Kukuru about her past. In episode 3, Kai, one of Kukuru’s friends, might begin working at the aquarium. Fuuka will probably meet the local veterinarian.

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