Who Are the Contestants Remaining in ‘The Bachelor’?

The journey of pilot Peter Weber is far from over in ‘The Bachelor’. But that does not mean the drama was any less in the last six episodes that have aired over the weeks. For starters, to keep up with the excitement of fans, ABC released a special bonus episode this week on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, where we saw Peter and his harem jetting off to Chile.

And it seems, Peter is really hell-bent on finally establishing some real, lasting connections with the ladies. Last Monday, Peter wasted no time in sending six ladies home. The same was true for Wednesday night when the bachelor decided to eliminate a few more — so that he can concentrate on his future with the remaining women with whom he will be able to partner during the homecoming weeks.

Well, without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Which ladies joined the rejection bus on tonight’s episode? And who managed to stay back? Read on.

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 6 Eliminations

First up in the elimination list was 27-year-old Victoria P. The nurse from Alexandria, LA, is a former Miss Louisiana pageant girl. In a surprise turn of events, Peter broke off all ties with Victoria even before the rose ceremony. He said that he could not imagine her as his wife. She left in a huff after calling a car.

24-year-old Tammy was the second woman to pack her bags. After her feud with Mykenna, Peter asked both of them to meet him and sort out their issues. In the end, the pilot concluded that Tammy should go back home.

Surprisingly, Mykenna, 22, was the third one to join the elimination list after Tammy. During the rose ceremony, Peter asked the fashion blogger to say goodbye to the rest of the crew. The final shocking reveal came in the form of Sydney, who also left the show as an aftermath of the rose ceremony. This one was a bit unexpected for fans because she had a successful one-on-one date with Peter in Costa Rica.

The Bachelor Remaining Contestants

In episode 7, we will see six contestants battling it out to make their way into Peter’s heart. Hannah Ann, a model from Knoxville, Tennessee, has been one of the frontrunners on the show since the beginning of the season. Accompanying her is Kelley, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois, and Kelsey, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa.

The fourth lady is Madison, employed as a recruiter of foster parents in Auburn, Alabama. Natasha also makes it to the next episode. She works as an event planner in New York. The final woman in the Circle of Safety, Victoria F., is a medical sales rep from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

After next week’s episode, there will only be four contestants remaining to play it to the end. Our best bet is on Hannah, Kelsey, Victoria F, and Madison. Hannah and Kelsey have managed to stay on the front lines since the beginning while Natasha had her own share of a steamy session with Peter tonight. Victoria might have had her own rocky bumps (considering the appearance of ex Chase Rice) but it seems she has managed to make quite a comeback.