The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 2: Release Date and Spoilers

The Bachelor season 24 is finally here, and we all can’t contain our excitement. Every year, The Bachelor casts spells over millions of fans who are hooked on to their tv sets and laptops obsessed with who our “bachelor” is going to choose. This year isn’t going to be any different. Peter Weber seems like an ideal bachelor who has all the qualities of a desirable man. He is successful. He has a stable career. And he is good-looking! No wonder, all the 30 contestants of season 24 were going gaga over our handsome hunk.

The first episode of season 24 was as expected a lot of glitz and glamour and one big surprise. Even though trailers had made it clear, but still a surprise is a surprise and we would like to see more such twists thrown in as the season progresses… because that’s what makes The Bachelor such a fun show to watch. The concept at its heart might sound stupid, but there’s no denying it is thoroughly entertaining.

With episode 1 out-of-the-way, it is time now to anticipate the next episode and what’s going to transpire in a week’s time. Obviously, the wait is going to be crushing, but what else can we do if not just melt in anticipation. Here’s all the details of the next episode i.e. The Bachelor season 24 episode 2 and all the streaming options where you can watch it.

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The Bachelor season 24 episode 2 will premiere on January 13, 2020, at 8 PM ET/ 7 PM CT on ABC. After the marathon 3 hour premiere, things are going to be back to normal. Which means the second episode is going to be one hour-long.

New episodes will follow a weekly schedule, releasing one new episode every Monday night, and then concluding with its finale (12th episode) on March 10, 2020.

Where to Watch The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 2 Online?

You can watch the latest episodes of The Bachelor by tuning into ABC at the above-mentioned time slot if you have a cable subscription for the channel.

If you don’t have a cable connection, then you can also watch The Bachelor season 24 episode 2  online on the official ABC website or the ABC app. You can also tune in without cable through YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV if you have their paid subscription.

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 2 Spoilers

Well, first thing first: we definitely want to see how the women react to the news that Pete and Hannah have unresolved feelings. Spoiler!! There are a lot of tears.

Episode 1 has already established that Kelly is too strong as a competitor. With Hannah Ann and Madison being the first objects of affection, how will their peers react to them — now that they are a step ahead. Again, in the premiere episode, Jenna said that she wants to bring her “emotional support cow” on the plane home. Does she get to do that?

Next Monday, we will also see Peter’s second group date which obviously won’t go according to the set plan. According to sources, Madison Prewett, Kelley Flanagan, and Sydney Hightower will be marked safe by the end of episode 2. After meeting with Hannah, according to unconfirmed reports, Peter would not be in the right state of mind and he would cancel the day-time portion of the group date.

But he does say that he would see them “later that night” and it would be Sydney who would ultimately get the group date rose. It has also been reported that Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss will have their own share of feuds in episode 2. And an event called “champagne-gate” will follow Hannah Ann as she opens a bottle of champagne brought by Kelsey, who had wanted to share it with Peter. There are also rumors that Lauren, Payton, and Courtney might be sent back home after the second episode.

You can also catch a sneak peek into episode 2 below:

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1 Recap

The premiere episode of the 24th season was a whopping three-hours long! Let’s give you some insights into what has happened so far.

The first sight of Pete is too spectacular — with a leather jacket and sunglasses as he flies his tiny propeller plane and gives viewers a virtual tour of Southern California. He is also adept in Espanol and an expert in cooking Cuban food.

After the intro, Pete is all ready to meet the ladies, and then there’s the much-awaited limo session. One of the surprising revelations during the premiere was the emergence of former Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

Next, we follow Pete as he indulges in one-to-one chats with the ladies as each woman tries to outdo the other. After the interactions are over, the First Impression Rose of the season goes to Hannah Ann. Meanwhile, the winners of the week are Victoria P., Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kiarra, Courtney, Shiann, and Victoria F. That is, they get to stay and the rest need to leave.

Of course, then comes the group dates and a flight-themed obstacle course, which is won by Kelley. There’s a bit of a drama where Tammy and Shiann accuse Kelley of cheating.

The following day, Peter picks up Madison and takes her on a date. Where? Well, there’s a twist again! He takes her home where his parents are renewing their vows. This generally does not happen until hometown dates.

Finally, we have the last group date for the week, which involves Lauren, Sydney, Payton, Natasha, Alexa, Kelsey, Mykenna, Alayah, and Savannah. Pete picks up the ladies from Avalon Theatre and tells them that “a very good friend” has planned the date for them. We again meet Hannah who is the mastermind behind a windmill-themed date. And it seems the Bachelor star still regrets her decision of having sent back Pete home during The Bachelorette days. This leaves Pete confused, of course, since he had vied for her heart for a long time.

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