The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5: What to Expect?

In the 4th episode of ‘The Bachelor’ season 25, which aired this week, Matt is still reeling from the shock of Sarah’s sudden departure. He now decides to put up some walls with the rest of the 18 remaining women vying for his heart. On the other hand, the drama between the ladies reaches a boiling point, and Victoria and Katie get into a major clash. So who is eliminated and who gets to stay on? Will Matt be one step closer to finding the woman of his dreams in the next episode? Well, here’s all you need to know about episode 5!

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5 Release Date

‘The Bachelor’ season 25 episode 5 will release on February 1, 2021, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT on ABC. 

Where to Watch The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5 Online?

You can watch ‘The Bachelor’ season 25 episode 5 by tuning in to ABC at the above-mentioned time slot if you have a cable subscription for the channel. You can also watch the latest episode online on ABC’s official website or the ABC app. If you don’t have a cable connection, then you can live-stream it on YouTube TV, Tubi TV, Fubo TV, or Hulu Live TV if you have their paid subscription. You can additionally buy or rent episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5 Spoilers

In the fifth episode, which chronicles Matt’s journey after saying goodbye to a few more ladies, we expect to see Matt tackling the toxicity that’s prevailing in the house. We also hope to see how Anna does her hairstyle to do a cute ’60s flip. The episode might also shed light on whether there exists any hope for Michelle to be a front-runner after one date? Will Victoria joke about giving Katie a black eye? Well, it looks like she herself got punched in the face. Additionally, there is going to be a hot, sizzling dance with Matt!

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 4 Recap

Matt is still upset after Sarah’s departure. He says: “We talked about a lot of stuff that I hadn’t shared with anybody. What if there are going to be more women that don’t want to be part of my journey?” In the hotel, the women also discuss the situation. MJ explains: “You’re telling me, the first time things get hard, you pack your bag?” Victoria replies, “The trash took itself out.” Now, in the group date, we have Jessenia, Chelsea, Mari, Magi, MJ, Pieper, and Abigail.

And a group date goes to Chelsea! During this week’s cocktail party and rose ceremony, the focus is on the ladies, minus Serena P., Rachael, and Chelsea. Now, here is the twist! Chris makes an entry and announces that five new vixens have arrived. The ladies are Brittany, Michelle, Ryan, Kim, and Catalina. In the rose ceremony roll call, the women getting to stay back are MJ, Pieper, Bri, Magi, Michelle, Mari, Ryan, Kit, Serena C., Abigail, Katie, Victoria, Lauren, Brittany, Jessenia, Anna, and Catalina. And we say our goodbyes to Khaylah, Kaili, and Kim.

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