Who Will Be The Bachelorette in 2020?

The Bachelorette, one of the fan-favorite spin-offs of The Bachelor, and a staple from Bachelor Nation, is all set to launch its 16th season on May 18, 2020. And since ABC’s announcement regarding its premiere, the Internet has been packed with buzz about ‘who will be the next bachelorette in 2020?’.

Will she be someone from the list of ladies who were sent off on the rejection bus in The Bachelor season 24? Or will she be someone who managed to leave a mark in one of the earlier seasons from any title of Bachelor Nation? Let’s first begin with some popular fan theories and then make the final reveal. Read on!

The Bachelorette 2020: Fan Theories

After the champagne-gate fiasco with Hannah Ann in the 24th season of The Bachelor, fans were of the opinion that Kelsey Weier was all set to star in the next season of The Bachelorette. Then, Kelley Flanagan, who made it to the top five, was also a fan-favorite choice as the next lead in The Bachelorette. Even Peter said during an interview: “Kelley is so ready, Kelley is one of the smartest people I’ve met. [She has] such a strong presence. I definitely had questions at first if she was really ready and wanted this. I was wrong, she truly was. I think she can absolutely make an amazing [Bachelorette].”

Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett were also picked by fans, considering they were the last two ladies left to get the final rose from Peter. Dancing With the Stars alum, Hannah Brown was yet another name that had frequently cropped up among the possible predictions as the upcoming Bachelorette star. Finally, Clare Crawley, the runner-up on Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor, who had also appeared in Bachelor In Paradise and the Bachelor Winter Games, was a top-voted choice among fans.

So, who is it? Here’s the final reveal!

Who is The Bachelorette 2020? FINAL REVEAL!

Well, ABC has officially confirmed that Clare Crawley will be the primary star in The Bachelorette season 16. The announcement was made by the network on March 2, 2020, on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Clare is all set to return once again to the Bachelor mansion as she prepares, one more time, to find her life partner. She had managed to leave quite a mark when she created a huge buzz during the finale of The Bachelor season 18. She stood up to bachelor Juan Pablo after she was rejected and left the show with a newfound sense of self-respect. Since then, Clare has vowed to only settle for that man who would give her the love and respect she deserves.

We eventually met Clare in Bachelor in Paradise, seasons one and two. But her romantic luck never seemed to be in her favor. Yet again, she appeared in Bachelor Winter Games, where she did develop a close relationship with Benoit. The latter even ended up proposing her but gradually they both realized that maybe, marriage was not right for them after all.

To give a background into Clare, she is a native of Sacramento, California. She is a devoted dog lover and has two pups, Elby and Honey. The fitness addict loves doing yoga and going on hikes with her gang. She works as a hairstylist and is looking for a man who would care for her unconditionally and remind her of her late father. We all remember her parting words when she walked away from Juan Pablo, don’t we? She had said: “Where is the man who will fight for me?”

So, will Clare finally find her man this time? Tune in to ABC on May 18, 2020, to find out!

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