The Big 4 Sequel: Possibilities, Explored

Directed by Timo Tjahjanto, ‘The Big 4’ is an exciting action comedy movie. It stars Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, and Lutesha in central roles. The Indonesian movie follows the lives of four assassins, who are mentored by Petrus. The mentor has a daughter, Dina, who is a police officer. The primary goal behind forming the Big 4 is to fight injustice and take down malicious people and organizations. Petrus trained Topan, Jenggo, Alpha, and Pelor to be fierce fighters. He adopted them and takes care of them like his own children.

The Netflix movie captures the unity of the adopted siblings as they navigate tough situations with ease. After Petrus’s death, they fall out of touch and disband the Big 4. When Dina reaches out to them in search of answers, they come together for one last mission – to avenge their Pops’ death. They find the killer responsible and bring him to justice. However, it turns out that the real villain is still alive. Does this mean we will get to see ‘The Big 4’ Part 2 very soon? Let’s find out.

Will There be a Sequel of The Big 4?

‘The Big 4’ is a movie with loads of twists and turns. The movie follows the lives of five people, all of whom are on a quest to seek revenge. The wrath of four deadly assassins and one by-the-book police officer is focused on one man – Antonio aka the Scorpion of Southeast Asia. After explosive action sequences and cutthroat fights, the gang exacts justice. However, before dying, Antonio reveals that he executed Petrus on the orders of a higher authority.

Consequently, the Big 4 have one more assignment before they complete their mission. Their revenge is not complete until they bring all the perpetrators to justice. The climax of the movie leaves the viewers in suspense. The makers have hinted towards possible antagonists in the next part of the story. This is why we believe that ‘The Big 4’ warrants the release of an even more exciting sequel very soon.

Hassan, the police captain, is revealed to be the person who ordered Petrus’s death. His betrayal and his motive to kill Petrus are some of the answers that we are looking for. Thus, this could make up the plot for the sequel of ‘The Big 4.’ Furthermore, we also see a mysterious lady with a spider eye patch with Hassan in the climax. She mentions having some unfinished business with Topan. These revelations tickle the curious itch in every viewer.

In all probability, the story of the unknown lady and her subsequent encounter with the Big 4 will form the plot for the sequel. The filmmakers can also shine a light on the back story consisting of Hassan and Petrus’s friendship, training the Big 4, and Antonio’s ambitious cast out. These elements will give the audience a better understanding of the character’s motives and actions. The sequel can also feature the Big 4 finishing their last mission of revenge.

Lastly, it would be so much fun to see Dina come together with the Big 4 once again. The camaraderie shared by them makes for great comic material. Furthermore, the end of ‘The Big 4’ teases a possible romance between Topan and Dina. They are as different as two sides of a coin. It would be wonderful to see them explore a relationship in the midst of their professional and personal differences.

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