The Bisexual Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

The Bisexual is a comedy-drama television series co-produced by Channel 4 and Hulu, the American streaming service. The series is created by Rowan Riley along with Desiree Akhavan who also directed and stars in the show. The show first premiered on October 10, 2018 in the UK and November 16, 2018 in the United States.

The Bisexual takes place in a world where everyone is overeducated, and for them, sex begins immediately after a kiss, and the most captivating aspect of a person’s life is submerged deeply in sexual pleasures. The creator and star of Bisexual, Desiree Akhavan (also known for directing The Miseducation of Cameron Post this year) follows the same path here as her debut: How indeed must a young brown woman, queer by orientation, deal with her life and the aftermath of splitting from a long-term partner?

Desiree Akhavan is an American film producer, writer, director and actress of Iranian descent. She identifies herself as a bi-sexual and a Brooklynite. The series is a reflection of her own life to a large extent. As per Hollywood Reporter, she said, “Everyone under 25 thinks they’re queer,” she refers to an acquaintance who doesn’t understand her wistful attachment to gay identity. “When you have to fight for it, you think being gay can become the biggest part of you. I don’t know what it’s like growing up with the internet. I just get the sense that it’s changing your relationship to gender and to sexuality — in a really good way, but in a way that I can’t relate to.”

The Bisexual Cast: Who’s in it?

Desiree Akhavan who is the creator, producer and director of the series, plays the main protagonist Leila. Her long term girlfriend and business partner Sadie is played by Maxine Peake. Brian Gleeson plays Gabe, a once-successful novelist from whom Leila rents out a room. The rest of the cast includes Saskia Chana, Naomi Ackie, Eva Birthistle, Michelle Guillot and Niamh Algar amongst others.

The Bisexua Plot: What’s it about?

New Yorker Leila who lives in London shares a relationship with girlfriend and business partner Sadie which looks almost perfect, But Leila has a secret within; she is bisexual. When Sadie, who wishes for a baby, proposes marriage on an impulse, Leila realises that she is living a lie, and takes a drastic decision to go on a break from Sadie. In spite of moving out of their flat, Leila is still forced to see her ex-partner every day at their joint technology company. They try to be civil for the business’s sake. Finally, Leila rents a room from novelist Gabe, who is in his mid-thirties and was once hugely successful with his debut novel. He is living under the shadow of the success of the novel, which has long been forgotten. Gabe makes an attempt to cheer Leila up with a night out that turns into a drunken journey. The night which is strange in many ways, to say the least, leads to uncomfortable truths and an explosive revelation.

Finding it difficult to come out with her secret, Leila juggles a double life and soon begins to sleep with men. Sadie realizes something big is going on while Gabe tries to decipher Leila, who is partially his girlfriend and partially his student and is extremely difficult to understand. Finally, when Leila’s bisexuality is in the open, Sadie feels betrayed. As Leila realises there is absolutely no hope of reunion with her long term partner, she unexpectedly finds a friend in Gabe who is determined to help her steer through a new life dating men and women, spotting on the typecasts and excluding them. As they start depending on each other for emotional support, their relationship which is born out of awkwardness evolves into a genuine likeness and friendship.

The show highlights the funny, painful, complexities sides of dating men and women both. It draws a contrast between love and life which do not necessarily always complement each other, much less as a bisexual, coloured woman living in 2018. In the words of Akhavan who is out to push the boundaries of same-sex attraction, “There is no rule that you can only have one queer show and one female-driven show, but they made up that rule for themselves that year, those executives, and maybe they’re gone now, but you find another door. When it comes to making work in this industry, some people feel you have to follow the rules, and I don’t. I don’t care about the rules.”

The Bisexual Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Bisexual season 1 of the show premiered on November 16, 2018 on Hulu. There has been no official communication from the channels so far on The Bisexual’s return for a second season. However, when Channel 4 and Hulu were reached to for additional information, they told that the channel is yet to decide as the show received a mixed bag of reviews. As Desiree Akhavan pointed out, “diversity requires a monetary risk”. If the show does get renewed, The Bisexual season 2 can be expected to release sometime in 2020.

Comedy TV in the UK is majorly dominated by the stereotypes of yesterday; white, male, heteronormative characters, subjects and stories form the meat of the sphere. The Bisexual does an excellent job of bringing to light what it is to be a person of color and queer women in today’s era. Thus, the show has proved to be an absolutely rejuvenating experience and there are many out there who would be vouching for it to return with another season.

The Bisexual Trailer:

While we wait for season 2, you can catch the season 1 trailer below to refresh your memories.

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