The Black Demon 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Adrian Grünberg’s shark thriller movie ‘The Black Demon’ revolves around Paul Sturges, an employee of Nixon Oil who leaves for an oil rig located off the coast of Baja California to decommission the same. Paul soon learns that a megalodon shark, which is locally known as the Black Demon, has been killing the individuals working at the rig. When his family ends up at the rig as well, Paul sets out to kill the sea monster to save his loved ones from its wrath.

The film received mixed to unfavorable reviews from the critics but the audience commended its enthralling narrative and the integration of a Mexican legend into an Aztec myth. Considering the success of film franchises revolving around monsters and other enormous creatures, the viewers must be wondering whether a sequel to the film will materialize. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Will There be The Black Demon 2?

‘The Black Demon’ released in theatres on April 28, 2023. The theatrical run was followed by its digital release on May 30, 2023, and home video release on July 11, 2023.

As far as the sequel to the film is concerned, here’s what we can share. As of now, the producers of ‘The Black Demon’ have not released a statement concerning a sequel to the shark thriller. The movie ends with Paul killing the killer shark with a bomb tied to him upon allowing the creature to eat him. The deaths of Paul and the Black Demon wrap up the narrative of the film, without leaving much scope for a sequel. Since the Black Demon is a single entity, the death of it makes it clear that the residents of Baja don’t have to fear the monstrous creature anymore. Considering these factors, it is unlikely that ‘The Black Demon’ sequel will ever be made.

Having said that, director Adrian Grünberg and screenwriter Boise Esquerra can team up to conceive a prequel to the film, exploring the origin of El Diamante, the oil rig Nixon Oil constructed off the coast of Baja. Such a film can dive into the early sightings of the Black Demon, the early havoc it causes, and the deaths that make Paul deem the rig unfit for operation in the first place. A prequel will also allow Grünberg and Esquerra to depict the aftermath of the confirmation of the Black Demon’s existence, which affects life in Baja severely.

Grünberg and Esquerra conceived ‘The Black Demon’ as a critique of corporate America, exploring the aftermath of multinational companies’ disregard of environmental concerns. A prequel may provide them an opportunity to expand the critique by depicting the mismanagement of Nixon Oil concerning the operation of the rig and the consequences of the same. The potential film can even follow a new character, who is heavily involved in the creation of El Diamante and possibly one of the earliest victims of the Black Demon. If the producers of the film approve such a prequel, it may get released sometime in 2025.

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