The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 3: What to Expect?

Following the cliffhanger ending of episode 2 of ‘The Blacklist’ season 8, the show went on a hiatus for two months, leaving fans anxiously awaiting the third episode of the season. Liz’s determination to get answers costs her way more than she imagined. Liz and Red are at loggerheads as their tension slow boils into a shocking encounter. To refresh your memory, head to the recap at the end. In case you’re updated, here is all that you need to know about the upcoming episode!

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 3 Release Date

‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 3 will release on January 22, 2021, at 8 pm ET on NBC.

Where to Watch The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 3?

You can watch ‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 3 on NBC by tuning in at the time mentioned above. You can also catch the latest episode on the NBC website and also on the NBC app.

The cord-cutters may watch season 8 of ‘The Blacklist’ on Directv, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Peacock, and iTunes. You can also buy single episodes ($2.99) or a full season ($14.99) on Amazon Prime. As of now, only the first seven seasons are available on Netflix.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 3 Spoilers

‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 3 is titled ’16 Ounces.’

The show will pick up from where the second episode of season 8 ends. Earlier, we have seen how Liz warned Red that she would sever her relationship with him if he harmed Katarina. Seeing him shoot Katarina right in front of her eyes is the last straw for her. In episode 3 of season 8, Liz will be fuelled by Red’s betrayal, which means war. She is out to get revenge and will be even more determined to find out the truth about Red.

What makes Liz a deadly opponent is that she has learned from the best; Red taught her everything about “thinking like a criminal.” We also know that Red is not in the best state when it comes to his health. This will continue to impact his decisions like it has in the past. Since the mystery illness is neurological, it may have affected his reasoning skills. This narrative thread is gradually going to unfold in this season. We may also learn the truth about Katarina.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

In the episode titled, ‘Katarina Rostova: Conclusion,’ Dom is in dire need of medical attention but ultimately succumbs to his circumstances and dies. When Katarina asks Ressler for help, she doesn’t realize that Red’s men are tracking him. This leads to Liz being captured. Meanwhile, Katarina rushes to make a call and tell Mr. Heidegger who the “real” N13 is. But it is revealed later that it was a trap laid out by Red, who asked Mr. Heidegger to say all the things he said on the phone and arrange the meet up in the park. Liz escapes and rushes to the park, only to witness Red shooting Katarina dead.

However, one thing that is a little fishy is that Katarina did not seem to be who she claimed. This is indicated by Dom’s attitude towards her as he refers to her as “that woman” or “her” in the conversation with Liz, earlier on. Red also seems to know something about the woman who Liz thinks is her mother. What the alleged Katarina says when Red puts a gun to her head echoes the same. She says, “My God, I can’t imagine what this must be like for you, to know you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.” Here is the promo for the upcoming episode!

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