The Boss Baby Back in Business S03: What to Expect?

‘The Boss Baby: Back in Business’ is an American animated web television series that airs on Netflix. Based on the extremely successful 2017 animated movie, ‘The Boss Baby’, the show picks up the story right where the movie left off, and follows the adventures of Boss Baby and his elder brother, Tim, as they undertake a series of missions to ensure that babies across the world are loved by their parents.

Understandably, the show is a continuation of the exciting and hilarious story, and Netflix stated as much during its announcement, saying, “Boss Baby, with the help of his big brother and partner-in-crime Tim, continues to navigate the cutthroat corporate jungle gym of Baby Corp., while angling to achieve the near-impossible: the work-life balance of a modern career baby.”

Season 1 of the show, comprising 13 episodes, premiered on April 6, 2018, and just months later, Netflix released Season 2, which premiered in October 2018. Now fans of the franchise are wondering when The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season 3 will premiere. Read on!

The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Boss Baby: Back in Business season 2 premiered on October 22, 2018, on Netflix. It consisted of 13 episodes.

Considering the show’s initial success, and its popularity among fans, we were always sure that Netflix would renew it for at least another season. Well, the streamer eventually announced that the show would be making a comeback on the platform in the coming months. The Boss Baby: Back is Business season 3 will premiere on March 16, 2020. It will consist of 13 episodes.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business Cast: Who’s in it?

While ‘The Boss Baby: Back in Business’ builds on the original movie’s plot, only Eric Bell Jr. has returned from the movie to reprise his role as the Triplets. Although the show has several characters from the movie, these are all voiced by new entrants.

Boss Baby, who was voiced by Alec Baldwin in the movie, has been voiced by JP Karliak in the show. Similarly, while Miles Bakshi had voiced Tim’s character in the movie, Tim is voiced by Pierce Gagnon in the show. David W. Collins and Hope Levy, meanwhile, play the roles of Tim and Boss Baby’s parents, Ted and Janice Templeton, respectively.

Additionally, in the show, Kevin Michael Richardson voices Jimbo, Alex Cazares voices Stacy, while Brandon Scott voices Hendershot. The show also includes myriad supporting and episodic characters, who appear in various episodes over the seasons.

In season 3, all of the lead cast is expected to reprise their original voiceover roles.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business Plot: What is it about?

The basic premise of ‘The Boss Baby: Back in Business’ is similar to that of the movie, where we see Boss Baby and Tim get involved in a secret war to ensure that adults’ love goes more to babies than to puppies. In the movie, we say Boss Baby and Tim take on Puppy Co. and rogue elements within Baby Corp.

In a similar vein, ‘The Boss Baby: Back in Business’ introduces its viewers to a new threat to babies – cats. Picking up after the movie, the show chronicles the adventures of Tim and Boss Baby as they have to contend with their wily new enemies, who, unlike dogs, don’t play by the rules and are far more threatening adversaries. The show also has numerous subplots involving certain characters, and even sees Boss Baby declare a war against old people to ensure that adults’ affection is reserved primarily for babies.

While the adventures of Boss Baby and Tim are new in the show, the hilarious dialogue and comical sequences that made the movie stand out are also distinguishable characteristics of the show.

In season 3, according to Netflix’s official synopsis: “A new field team is hard at work. After being fired by Baby Corp, Boss Baby must assemble a team of regular babies and whip them into shape in the hopes of restoring order and rejoining the ranks of Baby Corp.”

The Boss Baby: Back in Business Trailer:

You can watch the official trailer for season 3 below. If you haven’t seen the show yet head over to Netflix to catch all the episodes of the previous seasons.

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